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Updates Tons of improvements and fixes & WIP insight (Update v.
19-07-2018, 16:32, (This post was last modified: 19-07-2018, 16:32 by bartold.)
Tons of improvements and fixes & WIP insight (Update v.
[Image: d8f57a2cc649649e2682a5d629ac39196e67481e.jpg]

Hello warriors!

New weekly update is live! This weeks we focused on gameplay improvements and fixes. We’d also like to give you an insight on what we are working on. Read below:

What are we working on?

We are close to finish migrating the crafting system to new database. It’s required to solve the issue of servers’ performance degrading over time – we have recently found out that it’s caused by old database usage in crafting. Moving it will significantly reduce lag/desync and improve the overall experience in combat. We hope to finish this task in the next week or two.

The other big change which is being worked on is the farming system. Soon you will be able to plant all of the recently added plants and herbs, as well as crops and flax. Also, a place which you choose will matter – you’ll be able to place seeds everywhere in the world but better crops will come fields at farms.

Also, since your feedback is very important for us, we’d like to hear your voice of one potential change regarding European servers – feel invited to join the official discussion thread!

As always, see you in battle!

Changelog v.


– Fixed an issue causing executing an attack in slowmotion if it was queued up
– Fixed executing feints with very short blocks
– Fixed an issue allowing to jump while being staggered
– Fixed an issue allowing to successfully capture the tournament flag after leaving it
– Fixes to issues preventing players from logging to server
– Fixed reported issues with events on link between Midland and Ismirs – some of them had wrong levels, so they were displayed on map but couldn’t be completed
– Fixed an issue causing that NPC enemies weren’t aggroing on players when they were lured out far enough from their spawnpoint and then they came back to it
– Fixed an issue causing that NPCs’ bend was set only at the moment of attack, so they couldn’t come back to neutral bend after a fight
– Fixed most issues making player hang on “falling” state – especially on castle walls
– Fixed displaying color of the player’s nation on equipped skins in the character selection menu
– Fixed scroll in the skins window
– Fixes and improvements to quests and quest dialogs
– Fixed an issue causing that Leaf Plant and Herb weren’t spawning
– Fixed podium of the Sangmarian monument in the arena
– Fixed an issue causing that some skins were blurred
– Numerous level design fixes


– Reduced reaction time of low-level NPC enemies so they’ll react to player’s actions slightly faster
– From now on, marker of the recently added PVP quest – which is rewarded with a free skin – is displayed on map
– Increased rendering distance of scavengers when models detail level is set to Very Low
– Updated the Black Guard’s Helm model
– Added new 4 skins for Black Guard’s Helm: Mercykiller's Helm, Faceless Ones' Helm, Hollebjorn Clan's Helm, Versund Clan's Helm
– Added header of the world events invite window
– Improved visuals of models when reflections are turned off
– Improved visuals of skins when shader quality is set to Very Low
– Improved English descriptions of skins
– Improved indicating the selected skin in skins window
– From now on, a button leading to the Ambers purchase window is disabled on skins which are already possessed by a player
– Added tooltips on the skins’ base items in skins window
– Implemented displaying translations of skins names and descriptions in skins window

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