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Updates Water, blood & tons of improvements (Update v.
16-08-2018, 10:36, (This post was last modified: 16-08-2018, 10:38 by bartold.)
Water, blood & tons of improvements (Update v.
[Image: 393.jpg]

Hello warriors!

How is your summer? Here in Poland it’s really hot! Hot so much that we worry about plants out there… and in Gloria Victis, since from the the last update you can plant your own seeds (and place your tent and campfire)! That’s why we’ve just added ability to pour the water on your crops. Moreover, you can also use it to stop the fire in player-placed campfires and burning walls!

[Image: giphy.gif]

This update also includes several improvements to the farming system, such as new event happening during the plant’s growth, fertilizing crops with rotten food and removing ownerships over the plants after certain time. There are also many tweaks and fixes to other system, as well as blood trail effect displayed on attacking enemies!

Moreover, [Europe] Eaglewood server has just been moved to a stronger machine so its’ performance will be better during huge PVP clashes. We’re aware it won’t solve all performance issues, we have just found another issue causing servers’ performance degrading over time and we’ll be focusing on fixing it in the upcoming week.

Also, don’t miss another PVP event this weekend! The event will start on Sunday at 8:30 PM GMT and will take place in the arena on the [Europe] Eaglewood server. Join us and fight for glory in 5v5 battles!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.


– Added possibility to pour the water from bucket to stop the fire in player-placed campfires and burning walls, as well as to water the seedlings; also, pouring the water on static campfires disables the fire particles
– Added possibility to fertilize crops – if you have 20 units of rotten food in your inventory and there’s no ongoing event on your plant, you can fertilize it to shorten the growing time; please note that each plant can be fertilized only once
– From now on, 2 hours after a plant fully grows up, it become public and are no longer protected from plundering or destroying
– Top players of the Arena ranking have received time-limited titles next week (they will be available for rewarded players for the duration time of each season)
– Added separate ground models for player-planted crops: watered and dried
– Added crops watering event in farming system
– Added possibility to give money to guild in the Guild window
– Added blood trail effect on weapon which is displayed when hitting an enemy
– Replaced static nodes of wheat, barley, hemp and flax in safezones with farming fields which are active only for players who are in progress of quests and events related to them – this change is meant to reduce the occurence of bot-harvesting the crops
– Added dedicated banners for all helmets’ skins which are displayed in Supporter Shop and Skins windows
– Increased time required to harvest crops planted by players – in some edge cases it was instant
– Improved the crafting tutorial’s text
– Improved max interaction range when planting seeds and placing tents and campfires
– Reduced amount of Flax Seeds obtained from harvesting Flax nodes planted by players from 60 down to 5
– Improved balance of effects applied by Wheat Beer
– Added missing Sangmarian Merchant NPC in Lordly Haven’s middle district – he spawns when the upper guardhouse is built, also each guardhouse’s upgrade level expands his assortment
– Set the “camera shaking” effect which appears when attacking with full power, being hit or getting staggered – it was added recently to make these actions being more visible for player
– Added some translations which were missing in the Market window
– Moved [Europe] Eaglewood server to a stronger machine
– Located and solved another issue causing servers’ performance degrading over time


– Fixed assigning workshops to proper crafting professions
– Fixed an issue allowing to move to arena instantly if a player has been doing any other action – with progress and the bar went to the end
– Fixed an issue causing that herbs seeds couldn’t be gathered by harvesting herbs
– Fixed upgrading lumbermill and farm in Lordly Haven
– Fixed invisible NPCs in Baalhammon
– Fixed scale of the herb’s seedling
– Fixed aggressive NPC vendors in Ulfgard
– Fixed looting lynxes and chickens
– Fixed an issue causing that checkboxes of directional blocks selected by movement weren’t saved after restarting the game
– Fixed translations of notification displayed when trying to stun a player who purchased the stun-resistance passive ability
– Fixed an issue allowing to trade food while eating it which resulted in filling the hunger meter but not removing the item in the end
– Fixed an exploit allowing to equip item with hotbar key while trading – in effect, the item was visible in the trade window but not traded in the end
– Fixed an issue preventing player from interacting with player-spawned plants unless if the equipped weapon’s Mowing statistic was equal to 0
– Fixed an issue causing that progress bar on destroying the ally player’s crops planted at farm wasn’t interrupted despite displaying proper notification
– Fixed an issue causing that ally player’s plants were displayed as owned by enemy after server restart

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