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Updates Ballistas, new quests, increased servers’ capacity & more! (Update v.
31-08-2018, 14:41, (This post was last modified: 31-08-2018, 14:58 by bartold.)
Ballistas, new quests, increased servers’ capacity & more! (Update v.
[Image: 7e7df8f638791f8b6eb699ac06f277be927a78bd.jpg]

We all know this moment. The enemy army breaks through your defence lines, and push you and your brothers in arms further and further back. You have already moved back to the last castle but they are already at the last gate. But you know that you could win this battle, if you’d have an ace up your sleeve… a ballista, let’s say. And now you have it! Today’s update introduced these lethal siege engines set on given towers and wall fragments in the castles which are closest to capital cities. Thanks to them, a nation which has been pushed back will have a chance to stand its’ ground!

[Image: 6beb136d4e4bce8a83184ff41c4d3213925ea26c.jpg]

Moreover, having this system implemented, we are already close to add other, more offensive siege engines, such as rams, catapults and trebuchets, on which we are working on right now. Expect them to come in September!

What’s more in the update? Increased servers’ capacity, further servers’ performance improvements, changes to the world events schedule requested by our Community and tons of gameplay improvements, balance tweaks and fixes. Check it all on your own!

Also, there are new quests! Get ready for an epic tale of Tenebrok, a city where entire population got executed by a mad ruler. Tale of ancestors who passed away in shame, deads waiting to be avenged and the ones who aim to rule over them. An adventure awaits!

[Image: edbfc6e5830fe574868099bb076455644ff97d3b.jpg]

See you in battle!

Changelog v.


– Expanded the siege engines system (until now, represented by oil/logs/stones to drop on enemies from the gate-towers) with addition of ballistas, which are meant to improve the 3-way nation PVP balance; they are set on predefined towers and wall fragments in player-controlled castles closest to the capital city (Blackrock, Volkvar, Waterford, Dimar, Haddah, and Skogar) and they appear only when location is controlled by a nation which has closer distance to it from capital city, in order to help a dominated nation to stand a fight; having this system implemented, we are already close to add other, more offensive siege engines, such as rams, catapults and trebuchets, on which we are working on right now
– Increased the server's capacity by 20% – it was possible thanks to the recently done server-side optimizations
– Further server-side optimization improvements
– Added the 3rd daily “Valley of Death” PVP tournament on each server
– From now on, the Forsaken Path world event in catacombs starts with random delay independently from tournaments and State of War events, so now you have more freedom in choosing what would you like to do
– Added new questline of the size of the Dead Raven Inn questlines – it takes place in the Happy Rams Inn located between Tenebrok and Fort Rodrock
– Updated the first part of the starting Ismirs’ quests – the inn is now included in the main questline, also several quest locations (inn, guards’ camp, lumberyard, and farm) have been improved
– In response to Community feedback, the shield’s endurance has been reduced and their endurance loss is now 30% higher
– Reduced the amount of gold earned for killing Brandon and Ragi from 1 gold coin to 50 silver coins, because world events with them started creating a noticeable inflation, which would eventually harm the economy
– Added missing Sangmarian Smuggler to Castle Audinstede
– Added missing Ismirean NPC flag guards in Blackrock Castle
– Moved the quickly respawning granite nodes at Skogar Castle from the road closer to the gates
– Diversified the wooden log prices depending on the wood type
– Slightly increased the Charcoal’s price
– Added possibility to search recipes by English name in the crafting window
– Added icon of “Unstoppable” ability’s cooldown
– From now on, a bow is being displayed on the character’s back when it’s disarmed


– Fixed an issue causing that a random siege event used to start during the after-tournament siege
– Fixed an issue preventing players from opening some chests
– Fixed an issue causing that the feather of Storm Guard's Sallet was remaining on any character in the character selection menu if any of characters selected during the session had this skin equipped
– Fixes to Brandon’s starting event with delivering key fragments (there’s still an edge case when it can bug out – we are investigating it now; until it’s fully fixed, we recommend that only one person delivers the key fragments to the Keykeeper)
– Fixed the Digestion Tincture’s buff – it was reducing the character’s health due to a bug
– From now on, tutorial can’t be closed until the last step

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