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Updates Signing the crafted items & load of improvements and fixes! (Update v. – Steam
06-09-2018, 15:47, (This post was last modified: 06-09-2018, 17:51 by bartold.)
Signing the crafted items & load of improvements and fixes! (Update v. – Steam
[Image: 2bb39f29e9ed37fb892ce6beb6eed7e82ed7b574.jpg]

Hello warriors!

New update is live! It adds a long-awaited feature: signing the crafted items with your character’s name! There are also several balance tweaks, a load of improvements and numerous fixes.

Moreover, we’d like to invite you to a little contest. In the next update we’ll introduce skins to the player-spawned tents. You have a chance to win them! Share with us your screenshots of socializing with your guildies in player-spawned camps and farming your self-planted crops. Authors of 3 most interesting screenshots will be rewarded with skins for tents! Please submit your screenshots at and link them in comments under this news.

Good luck and see you in battle!

Changelog v.


– Added possibility to sign the crafted items with your character’s name – this action requires possessing new item named “Signing created item” which can be obtained from the Glory Quartermaster for Contribution Points or from the Supporter Shop; signing items is available in the Crafting window
– Added “Signing created item – Bundle” containing 15 pieces of the “Signing created item” which can be purchased in the Supporter Shop
– Added missing translations for following recipes scrolls: Recruit's Weapon, Scout's Weapon, Veles Weapon, Legionary's Weapon
– Added more ballistas spawners in locations on links: Last Stand forts, castles (Blackrock, Waterford, Volkvar, Skogar, Dimar and Haddah) and towns (Rodrock, Greenport, Tenebrok, Ulfgard, Scarsdale, Seaclaw) – as previously, they are accessible only for nation which capital city is closest to given location
– Added new type of Daily Challenges: farming
– Increased the growth time of onion, carrot, garlic and parsley to 15 minutes
– Due to increased growth time of vegetables, the real time it takes for them to rot has been increased from 3 days to 5 days (1 real-time day equals 10 in-game days)
– Added displaying the average price of items sold in the Market on items tooltips and in the offer creation window – the average price is based on data from the last 3 months
– From now on, NPC guards which aren’t focused on any target are aggroing on player who captures the flag
– Several improvements to recently added quests in the Happy Rams Inn
– Balanced the loot of the final bosses of new quests in the Happy Rams Inn
– Added static ballistas in guards camp on the Ismirean starting questline
– Moved the scouts’ camp on the Ismirean starting questline closer to the main path


– Fixed the Ismirean guards amount and placement in Skogar Castle
– Fixed the crafting tutorial in the Ismirean starting quests
– Fixed an issue causing that ballistas didn’t despawn after location being captured by the non-native nation
– Fixed Skins and Bags filters in the Market window
– Fixed an issue causing that NPCs were floating while sitting and had wrong rotation

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