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Updates Addressing the Community feedback! (Update v.
13-09-2018, 17:11, (This post was last modified: 14-09-2018, 11:01 by bartold.)
Addressing the Community feedback! (Update v.
[Image: 1c5eb990de3e230e09d5b21960a982a39d17cc71.jpg]

Hello warriors!

New update is live! This week we focused on addressing your priceless feedback. In response to your suggestions, we doubled the limit of the player-spawned plants. Moreover, we fixed an issue allowing to exceed the limit of active offers in the Market, and we took an opportunity and added possibility to increase the limit of your active offers in the Market. We also reduced the power gap coming from using the standard and top-quality food.

Moreover this patch includes several improvements for chat. We know that the open PVP formula of Gloria Victis can create a lot of emotions, which are often spread on chat. That’s why we just split the Help and All channels. Also, now we have a wider range of possibilities regarding muting players whose behavior damages the others’ experience – besides of muting on all channels, we can now do it on specific channels or just on Help.

Also, time to announce the winners of the recent screenshot contest! Winners are: BrianPablo, Kchance13 and Sgt. Jack Cookie. Please contact us on Discord and tell us which skin for tent would you like to get as a reward.


[Image: 117810117197001fb37c728aae9ee4194a0f76c5.jpg]


[Image: 738bc3c72dd6df56db1a14d62edcc22816b2a100.jpg]

Sgt. Jack Cookie

[Image: bf4eb29f700468ffd642d89f6fe5eaae356f3943.png]

The last but not least – we run a 100 Days Against All Odds Challenge - behind the scenes of developing an indie MMORPG on our Reddit. Read about the history of Gloria Victis and get ready for curiosities, stats, easter eggs or just things which surprises us every day – we have lots of them!

Changelog v.


– Separated Help and All channels on chat
– Added possibility to switch the chat channels using the Tab key while typing in chat
– Added possibility to reply to specific chat channel with commands: /a and /all, /h and /help, /l, /language and /[LanguageName] (i.e. /en), /p and /party, /g and /guild ,/s and /say
– Added changing the message type to whisper reply by pressing Tab -> R keys without deleting the message text
– Added changing the message type to whisper by pressing Tab -> W
– Added displaying the active chat channel’s name in the message input field
– From now on, typed but not sent message doesn’t disappear after clicking outside on chat
– Added notification if a player tries to message character which isn’t currently logged in
– Added notification if a player tries to message themselves


– Changed the Market auctions limit from character-bound to account-bound
– Added possibility to expand the Market offers limit – it can be obtained for gold in the Market window and for Ambers in the Supporter Shop; in today’s hotfix it will also be available for CP in the Glory vendors’ assortment
– Improvements to the Market window interface – added refresh button, increase limit button, displaying the player’s money and displaying counter of the player’s active offers


– From now on, NPCs change the target player to the closest player/NPC in range, if the current target is aggroed by too many enemies
– Increased the limit of player-spawned plants from 10 to 20
– Increased the guild location token’s price to 5 gold coins to reduce the occurence of placing fake tokens
– Reduced bonuses from “Fed” buff – now it’s effects are 50% weaker; this change was done to reduce the power gap between characters using standard and top quality food
– Reduced the ratio of losing the Food points
– Improved blood particle effects on player characters and NPCs
– Updated the “Unstoppable” ability’s description
– Removed “Free the girl” stage from the first Sangmarian questline
– Added additional NPCs which give the second questline – they are located near the place of the last quest of the first line
– Reduced the time of watering plants by interaction key (E) from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
– Added 6 skins for player-spawned tents


– Fixed displaying the Average Market price text on item’s tooltip – it wasn’t properly wrapped
– Fixed an issue causing that tooltips used to be displayed beyond the screen’s borders
– Fixed displaying the item’s price in some edge cases, i.e. exactly 1 gold coin
– Fixed duplicated interaction texts on quest/event interactive objects
– Fixed an issue allowing to bypass the Market auctions limit
– Fixed looting stackable items from players
– Fixed an issue causing that items’ expiration date was resetting after splitting the stack

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