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Updates Tons of improvements & Azebian helms comeback! (Update v.
09-10-2018, 14:37, (This post was last modified: 09-10-2018, 15:46 by bartold.)
Tons of improvements & Azebian helms comeback! (Update v.
[Image: d727b67c51580be17c1f12d1fdeec0750fa6c978.jpg]

Changelog v.

Hello warriors!

New update is live! As usual, there’s a lot of gameplay and server-side optimization improvements, bugfixes and balance tweaks. We expanded the softlock consequences in order to help the native communities to stand a chance on the lower-populated servers. We also addressed a long-commited request – we restored the former Azebian helms! They were turned into skins, and every player who had them in the inventory received according skins for free, and one of them can be obtained by completing the second stage of the Sangmarian quests.

See you in battle!


– Further server-side optimization improvements
– Improved displaying the players standing behind objects – issues causing that players were not visible while standing on top of the wall should be less frequent now; there may still be remaining edge case issues, so if you would encounter them, please report them in-game
– DIsabled looting players when playing on other server than the chosen main one
– Restored 10 former Azebian helmets and turbans as skins to Veles’ Heavy Helm, Veles’ Heavy Helm and Legionary’s Heavy Helm
– All players who had these helms/turbans in their inventory before, have received free skins using these models and have each of these helms/turbans replaced with a base item for just-added skins
– Added “Nomad’s Turban” as a reward for “Stop the invaders!” Sangmarian quest
– Updated prices of some items available from NPC vendors
– Removed the [City] prefix from the names of items purchased from the Glory vendors
– Increased the top-tier tools durability by 60% in response to the Community feedback
– Updated the Master's Axe’s durability – it’s now the same as for other top-tier tools
– Updated the torch’s durability – due to a bug it had the swords-like durability, so it was reduced
– Added possibility to heal other players using the “Simple Compress”
– Added displaying icons of available new quests from the starting questlines on the map


– Fixed an issue causing that browsing items in the Market window used to bug the entire window for specific languages
– Fixed an issue causing that bandaging other players wasn’t properly canceled if the target player moved too far away, despite the fact that the progress bar was disappearing
– Fixed an issue with “Santa Smokes” buff
– Fixed an issue with NPCs navigation inside the gatehouses in upgradable locations

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