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Updates PVP loot & servers performance improvements, balance tweaks & fixes! (v.
02-11-2018, 16:48,
PVP loot & servers performance improvements, balance tweaks & fixes! (v.
[Image: b03b9f4b0a029fbe9d50f1fc8fe58a766a8b42e8.jpg]

Hello warriors!

New update is live! It includes:
– Improved PVP looting mechanics
– Server-side performance improvements
– Several balance tweaks
– Numerous fixes

Check these changes on your own Also, don’t miss the upcoming PVP event! It will start at 10:00 PM GMT (Saturday, November 03). Join us in the arena on the [NorthAmerica] Aquilla server and fight for fame in 5v5 battles. The winners will be immortalized on the in-game monuments and every participant will be rewarded – to arms!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

PVP looting mechanics:

We made several changes to the PVP looting mechanics in order to solve reported issues and improve the looting balance. There might still be some remaining issues with the looting mechanics, because we were unable to reproduce more of them, but the system should be working visibly better.
– Improved the PVP looting points balance – from now on, you can loot the most items looted from the own nation’s traitors, and the least from the own nation’s new player (greenleaf) or if you are a traitor yourself
– Increased the PVP looting speed (without changing the respawn time), so you should now be able to loot more frequently – until now, the looting time often used to end before reaching the defeated player
– Fixed an issue causing that in some cases a player could be looted by several players, which would allow them looting more items than they should


– Further server-side performance improvements
– From now on, after the State of War, the current owner of the location earns 50% all the tokens’ value to the guild account
– From now on, the player-built workshops can be built inside the guild locations and at the nation-controlled minor flags (i.e. Volkvar Farm) – still, they can’t be built in front of the wooden main building, inside the gatehouses or right by them
– Increased the respawn time of the quickly respawning guards of the native nation in castles (Blackrock, Volkvar, Waterford, Skogar, Dimar, Haddah) by 50% in order to improve the world PVP balance after the recent changes to the Fast Travel system
– From now on, players marked as traitor/wanted aren’t able to open the gates and use the oil in gatehouses
– Boosted the low-tier and reheated meals
– Reduced strength of the NPC enemies in the Sea Wraiths world event
– Improved synchronizing the queue and fuel burning progress in the player-built workshops
– Removed the Legionary gear from NPC vendors’ assortment to balance the Sangmarian vendors
– Disabled spawning the player’s character in the area of Sea Wraiths event and Volcano event
– Messages informing that a player can join to the new world event because of the wrong party size or not being a leader, is now displayed right after clicking the “join” button, not when the progress bar gets to the end


– Fixed an issue causing crashing the game in specific interface windows in the Chinese version
– Fixed an issue causing that the other players’ character were digging without shovels
– Fixed an issue causing that skins of the existing player-built furnaces weren’t being loaded properly after the servers’ restart
– Fixed an edge-case issue causing placing a token on guild location would consume money and set the token in database, but wouldn’t display it or start the State of War
– Fixed several issues appearing while crafting the same product using 2 different player-built workshops
– Fixed an issue causing that the invitation window to the new world event didn’t disappear even after successfully joining the event

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