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Top Tier Skill Change Suggestions
07-11-2018, 13:59, (This post was last modified: 07-11-2018, 14:02 by Minrath.)
Top Tier Skill Change Suggestions
In terms of top tier skills, there is a heavy lean towards the Unstoppable skill; and while the skill itself is very worthwhile I believe the lean towards said skill is because of the lack of decent options. As it is the only other skill that is even remotely valuable is the Focus skill which allows first aid to not be interrupted by incoming damage, and this is only because of how integral death is to sieges and other events where some can find themselves to fall quickly.
When you are scouting potential builds for alts you never even give Survival Instincts or Battle Rage a chance. This isn't because they are inherently bad, but because of the health threshold needed to activate them, if either of these skills were designed like Unstoppable they would be much more viable; especially in the current climate of the game.
If instead of requiring 40% or less health to activate these skills why not use the same formula Unstoppable uses and have the skills activate when a certain condition is met, for example if Survival Instinct was adjusted so that you wouldn't be slowed upon being hit by an attack for 10 seconds then it would be infinitely more useful than it currently is which relies upon the users health being significantly reduced before it can even be triggered.
Similarly, Battle Rage can be just as ineffective, if you are at 40% health then you have already taken quite a bit of damage and will be more discouraged from just wildly swinging/firing in hopes of catching someone mid-attack. Instead of the current system for Battle Rage maybe tweaking it so that if one of your attacks or actions is interrupted then the skill would activate and allow you to be uninterruptible for 10 seconds rather than needing you to be at a certain amount of health where you may not feel comfortable trading hits or using something.
These changes would ultimately balance out the skill trees and allow for at least some balance as they are, as it is there's very few viable builds with these two top tier skills in them, and this would be an approach to see the meta shift away from everyone only using Unstoppable.
Another solution could be capping unstoppable at the same 40% health approach but I believe that would just limit the game more and force people into mainly the medic skill tree.

These are only suggestions but I believe they would make the game a lot more dynamic and would allow for some variation instead of the same builds we've been seeing for months.

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