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Armor balance
20-11-2018, 18:32,
Armor balance
We have 3 types of armor in Gloria Victis: light, medium and heavy.
Within the same type penalties of wearing armor are the same regardless of tier of the items.
Heavy armor has +150% stamina consumption, -20% melee damage and -70% ranged damage.
Medium armor has +75% stamina consumption, -10% melee damage and -35% ranged damage.
Light armor has no penalties.
Heavy armor has double the penalties of medium armor.
There is a heavy armor skill that multiplies items armor value by 1.15 (+15%).
Each armor type is best at protecting different damage type.
Using a 200/200/200 character for core resistance bonuses (50 armor bonus).
Armor get 10% flat resistance bonus when 4 or more pieces of same armor type are present.

Lets compare top +6 armors by the highest damage resistance:
Heavy armor/piercing: 902
Medium armor/slashing: 722
Light armor/blunt: 536

So between them we have a balance ratio of: 1.68 / 1.34 / 1
So in flat armor value we have 34% increase for medium penalty and double flat armor increase (68%) for double penalties.

Now lets compare some lowest tier +0 equipment between types (also on 200/200/200 even tho noone would use that at this point):
Heavy : 392
Medium: 321
Light: 270

So armor value ratio between them is: 1.45 / 1.18 / 1
So it can be said that it is similar enough to top tier comparison in flat resistance value. Lower difference values here are becouse of higher significance of flat resistance bonuses from sets/attributes.

It also can be seen that resistance is almost doubled between lowest and top tier stuff.

This looks neat until one recalculates all these resistances into effective hit points. In this case its:
100%HP / ((1000 - armor) / 1000) = x EHP
top tier:
Heavy = 1020% EHP
Medium = 360% EHP (heavy armors secondary resistance is close to that)
Light = 215% EHP

Lets use that as a template and try to fit it into lowest tier:

Heavy = 164% EHP
Medium = 147% EHP
Light = 137% EHP

So this shows that in the aspect of efficiency there are really two armor types viable: super high tier expensive heavy armor and cheap enough close to top tier light armor. Top tier light armor is very ineffective to lower tiers costwise. People who can afford it will still use best light armor avaiable to squeeze as much advantage as possible anyways.

This leads to a situation where a new player either uses light sets (especially when on low stamina and with no stamina management skills) or gets super gimped if using any medium or heavy sets of lower tiers.

So to put this concept into actual item armor values:

top tier heavy stays as is:
Helmet = 123, chest/legs = 155, boots/gloves/pauldrons = 62 (1020% EHP)
- using this as baseline -

lowest tier heavy ( capital vendor stuff +0 ) :
Helmet = 80, chest/legs = 100, boots/gloves/pauldrons = 39 (270% EHP)
- it is less than a third as effective as top tier and compare it to what it currently is -

top tier medium:
Helmet = 115, chest/legs = 144, boots/gloves/pauldrons = 59 (400% EHP)
- slashing resistance is not signifficantly higher than current heavy slashing res of 351% EHP -

lowest tier medium ( capital vendor stuff +0 ) :
Helmet = 60, chest/legs = 76, boots/gloves/pauldrons = 30 (189% EHP)
- not even double EHP on the highest res here and all values of armor are doubled -

top tier light:
Helmet = 75, chest/legs = 94, boots/gloves/pauldrons = 37 (227% EHP)
- pitted against lowest tier heavy wins becouse of the 20% damage penalty making the 227% EHP into 284% EHP -

lowest tier light ( capital vendor stuff +0 ) :
Helmet = 20, chest/legs = 25, boots/gloves/pauldrons = 10 (137% EHP)
- may stay as it is now as the only importance at this tier is to get the 10% flat res bonus -

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