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Updates Traitor system update & tons of improvements! (Update v.
29-11-2018, 17:51, (This post was last modified: 29-11-2018, 17:51 by bartold.)
Traitor system update & tons of improvements! (Update v.
[Image: d8f57a2cc649649e2682a5d629ac39196e67481e.jpg]

Hello warriors!

New update is live, and it introduces the recently requested improvements to the traitor system! Also, from now on, your entire nation receives bonus to experience gained for capturing locations controlled by a dominating nation. There are also next improvements to the player-built furnaces system, several gameplay improvements, as well as further changes to the servers’ performance and numerous bugfixes. Check these changes on your own!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

Traitor system update:

– From now on, the player’s reputation is account-wide in order to prevent situations where one of the player’s characters is being used only to harm one of the nations, while others are being used for regular playing; for already existing accounts with multiple characters, the highest reputation has been assigned
– Introduced a separate Traitor status applied by the game’s moderation for given time, i.e. one week, which is independent to the regular Traitor status – it will be applied to punish players who’ve been reported multiple times (with proofs) for harming the gameplay experience to others, i.e. standing in the doors to block the allies, using alternative characters to gather data about the enemy’s numbers etc; the expiration time of this status is counted only when the player is logged in
– From now on, the penalty for killing an ally player is increasing with each kill committed recently – up to 3 – and the increased penalty for the next kills remains for a week, although each next kill resets the timer
– From now on, the only way to make back the negative reputation is to complete dedicated penal work events located near the prison camps
– From now on, looting the ally players (even with Wanted status) requires additional confirmation and causes losing reputation; the only exception is looting a traitor
– Changed the reputation threshold to apply a Traitor status from -1000 to -1 (and below)
– Increased the base expiration time for a single stack of the time-limited Traitor and Wanted statuses – from 10 minutes to 1 hour for Traitor and from 1 minute to 10 minutes for Wanted
– From now on, making the reputation back through the penal work doesn’t count to the daily reputation cap
– Increased the maximum reputation cap from 27050 to 30000
– From now on, new players start having 3000 reputation points
– Added deposit chests in the prison camps (traitors’ spawnpoints)
– Fixed an issue causing that the Traitor status was being displayed on other players until they relogged, even if the status was gone
– Fixed an issue causing that traitors could spawn in their nation’s locations while logging in
– Fixed an issue allowing to remove the time-limited Traitor status by advancing a reputation threshold


– Introduced bonus to experience gained by all players of a nation for capturing locations controlled by a dominating nation
– Increased the buffs strength for controlling the enemy non-loot forts (Dundrum, Ystad, Eaglenest)
– Further server-side performance improvements
– From now on, the furnace’s owner receives crafting experience for each item created in the furnace
– From now on, it’s not possible to use workshops built by the same nation’s players
– Added displaying the player-built workshop’s nation in its’ window
– Several client-server synchronization improvements, especially visible when kicking an enemy
– Increased the maximum temperature level of Bark and Charcoal in order to make them more useful
– From now on, new characters with the light-armored starting archetypes (Scout/Raider/Nomad) are being equipped with bow at start
– Replaced the Midlandic light-armored archetype’s starting armor with a better looking one
– Added new item available in the Supporter Shop: Bald Scavenger’s Chest, which contains one of the all available Skin items
– Updated the Guild window help panel
– Updated the PVP events memorials in the arena


– Fixed an issue with the size-limited world event party causing that a player taking part in the world event, who was revived during it, wasn’t being moved back from the event area in the end
– Fixed an issue allowing to trade other players with “/trade” or “/t” chat commands on large distances
– Fixed an issue allowing to revive other players while swimming
– Fixed reported invisible NPC enemies
– Fixed an issue causing that the player-built objects couldn’t be destroyed in the same server session in which it has been created
– Fixed displaying the guild chat and whispers in the Alliance chat
– Fixed an issue causing that only guild’s leader and officers could open the storehouse’s door
– Fixed an issue causing that some skins weren’t being displayed in the Skins window on resolutions higher than 1920x1080
– Fixed the textures issues of the Champion’s Hood’s skins
– Fixed an issue causing that rejecting a guild invite caused re-sending it
– Fixed an issue allowing a player to send the guild offline invites to the same player multiple times
– Fixed displaying proper player’s name in the guild invite confirmation message
– Fixed displaying the furnaces’ tutorial text
– Fixed the message displayed when a player-built workshop is being destroyed by an enemy player
– Fixed a client-side issue causing that the gate in Sangmarian quest “It's time to take revenge” wasn’t being displayed

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