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[BUG - QUESTS] Cannot complete daily task of capturing flag in party
14-12-2018, 14:59,
Exclamation  [BUG - QUESTS] Cannot complete daily task of capturing flag in party
Type of report: BUG - Daily tasks

Game version: v.

Name of your character: Grenych

Time and date when it happened: Around 20:00 GMT, 13/12/2018

Operating System: Windows 10 with latest updates

Description of the Bug/Exploit:
It is not possible to complete daily task of capturing flags in group.
When you capturing flag it is not counted, but people in the group do get it counted.
When other member of group capture the flag, it counts for you but not for him.

On a scale from 1 to 5 how do you describe this Bug/Exploit (1 being you can live with it, 5 being totally game breaking): 4 - it is really making game in group bad experience

Can you reproduce this Bug/Exploit: Yes captured 4-5 flags yesterday with a friend and checked how it works (as described.)

Is there any suggestion or any additional information you have, that might help us with this Bug/Exploit:
All group member should have Capture flag task counted +1

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