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For How Long Someone’s Mobile Will Work In Pakistan
01-01-2019, 11:59,
For How Long Someone’s Mobile Will Work In Pakistan
The users before buying new and used mobile must get their mobile phone IMEI number confirmed.
After 15th of January the fake, unregistered and smuggled mobile phone will stop working.
All the user must confirm their new or used mobile IMEI number, this 15 digits IMEI code is helpful in recognition of the device, this number is also written on the device box.
To get the information about the IMEI code dial *#06#, and after getting the IMEI code send it to 8484.
After receiving the confirmation message you can use the device.
If you don t get confirmation message then this device can’t be used on any network in Pakistan.
The unregistered mobiles being operated on the Pakistani networks for long time, such device service will continue. They will be attached to their mobile numbers.
If the users want to check the status of their device they can do so by dialing *#06#.
All the international travelers who want to use their phones on international Sims, they have got a roamer in Pakistan, they are free from IMEI registration, and they can use roaming devices.
The deadline been given by the Pakistan telecommunication authority was 20 October, then they extended this date to 31 December, and now the last date is 15 January.

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