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Updates New Year’s 1st weekly update & WIP insight! (Update v.
04-01-2019, 12:27, (This post was last modified: 07-01-2019, 12:29 by bartold.)
New Year’s 1st weekly update & WIP insight! (Update v.
[Image: d8f57a2cc649649e2682a5d629ac39196e67481e.jpg]

Hello warriors!

Welcome to the 1st weekly update this year! We introduced the second iteration of the recently added guild recruitment boards, which lets the guilds display their Coat of Arms, as well as the custom description. Players looking for a guild will also find more information about them, which will be very useful when selecting one. We also made next part of the server optimization improvements, several gameplay/balance tweaks and numerous bugfixes.

Also, time to announce the winners of the Christmas contest! Winners of the epic Gloria Victis gifts are:
  • Agent Smith
  • LUFalcon
  • WRK
Please contact us via so we can set the delivery, and congratulations!

[Image: d04a5b265522a6acea005d2bd848f967acd9b70c.jpg]

WIP insight:

Moreover, we’re preparing to apply a huge update next week! There will be several major improvements to the world PVP balance, further server-side optimization changes and new mechanism letting you to reward other players for help. And… the first iteration of catapults!

We’d also like to thank everyone who was logging to the PerformanceTest server over the last 2 days. Thanks to it we were able to find several areas for improvement, which let us create tools for finding potential issues, so we can improve the servers’ performance even more. Reminder – thanks to the continuous performance tests and improvements we were able to increase the servers’ capacity 4x over the last 3 months.

Thank you all and see you in battle!

Todays Changelog v.

Guild recruitment boards – 2nd iteration

– From now on, the guilds’ recruitment offers are displayed in form of tiles instead of being listed in single rows
– Added displaying the guild’s detailed description in the guild’s offer window – it includes the guild’s level, leader’s name, current and max members, guild’s activity, controlled guild provinces, position in the guilds ranking, main language and custom description
– Added displaying the guild’s Coat of Arms in the recruitment offers
– Added the guild’s activity meter which is calculated basing on the average time spent in-game by all of the guild’s members in the last 7 days, where 2 hours daily is considered to be a personal 100% activity; it was added to help new players find and join active guilds

Balance/Quality of Life Improvements:

– Server-side optimization improvements
– From now on, the player-built private workshops (campfires and furnaces) will disappear 3 full days after the last usage, on the following servers’ restart – materials and products stored inside them will be moved to the owner’s Market limbo (Finished Offers tab)
– Disabled possibility to take the Santa’s quest, however it can still be completed by the players who already started it
– Disabled the collectable Christmas Presents required for the Christmas events, however these events can still be completed if you have required materials
– Improved the terrain at Waterford Castle to reduce the ability to bypass the upper walls
– From now, the Sea Wraiths event’s invitation window is displayed only for 30+ level characters
– Improved the inn and uprising stages in Ismirean starting quests
– Improved the bridge/farms stage in Midlandic starting quests
– Improved the burning storehouse stage in Sangmarian starting quests


– Fixed a recently discovered issue causing infinite loading in the character selection menu
– Fixed an issue causing that NPCs couldn’t reach the top ruined towers in the Lordly Haven’s upper section and in the Otton the Raubritter’s location
– Fixed an issue causing that the supply chest at Norfolk Fort’s farm was giving wrong materials
– Fixed an issue causing that the guild creation window was being closed after entering an already taken name
– Fixed the Codfish Fillet Reheating recipe

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