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Updates For the Motherland! Nations balance & siege engines update (Update v.
11-01-2019, 16:15, (This post was last modified: 11-01-2019, 16:51 by bartold.)
For the Motherland! Nations balance & siege engines update (Update v.
[Image: 89ca13a444dc8e646f144eb1e39c434ce56640c9.jpg]

Time to fire the very first catapult shots in Gloria Victis! Although it’s just the first test of them, it makes us very excited, as we’re already starting working on the siege engines moving system! Moreover, we’ve introduced a significant update to the nations’ balance, possibility for new players to reward others for help and crafting user experience update.

Check these changes on your own, and don’t miss a PVP event this weekend! It will start at 10:00 PM GMT (Sunday, January 13). Join us in the arena on the [Europe] Wolfield server and fight for fame in 5v5 battles. The winners will be immortalized on the in-game monuments and every participant will be rewarded – to arms!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

[Image: 2c6f70217794135c17907c4d79126861a6b2e030.jpg]

Siege engines update:

We introduced the first iteration of catapults. You can test this feature and try shooting them in the arena – there are 2 test catapults placed, as well as some NPC enemies serving as the test targets. We’re now working on the ability to move them around the world – we’re very excited with it since in future we’ll be able to use a similar system for ships, mounts, caravans and other objects like that. We’re aware that introducing the catapults will be a huge change to the gameplay and balance, so we look forward to your feedback!

– Introduced the first, test iteration of catapults – they are placed in the unused part of the main arena terrain, we also added there some NPC enemies as targets
– Updated the PVP-free zone in the main arena to let you play with catapults
– From now on, loading the siege engines – catapults and ballistas – is done by holding RMB; shooting is still done by clicking LMB
– Unified starting using siege engines and exiting them – it’s done by pressing “E” key
– Added loading bar for catapult and ballista

[Image: a8c48af3ca331a5ea81b2e4f479d894618f73604.jpg]

Balance update:

We’ve addressed one of the recent biggest concerns regarding the game’s balance and experience: switching nations. We know that because it was possible to create characters in different nations, players could just switch to another nation to take benefits of locations under its’ control. For this reason, some players didn’t feel the connection to their nation or couldn’t see a reason to fight for it. Moreover, it was easy to use “alts” to exploit the game and destroy the other players’ experience. It led to frequent accusations of being a spy, which had a very negative impact on new players and hurt the game’s overall population.

For this reason, now all characters on one account will belong to the same nation. You can select the final nation manually and once you log in to the game after this update, you will have 72 hours to make a decision. We also added the first system allowing new players to reward other players for helping them – read below for details. Moreover, from now on the only chats shared between nations are Say and Whisper. We made this change to improve the overall experience and atmosphere.

– From now on, all characters on one account has to be of the same nation – the account’s nation is displayed in the character selection menu
– The account’s nation will be automatically set for accounts which have existing characters of only one nation
– In case of accounts with characters of multiple nations, the account’s nation will have to be set manually by a player – it will effect in changing the nation of all characters on this account
– In case of new players, the first character created on an account determines the account’s nation
– New players can change the account’s nation for free 1 time as long as they keep the Greenleaf status (below level 40)
– From now on, the Nation Change points are account-wide – each usage of the Nation Change scroll adds the change points to the entire account, and if your characters had their own change points before this update, they will be summed up
– From now on, the only chats shared between nations are Say and Whisper
– From now on, Contribution Points for the Valley of Death PVP tournament and world events are gained only on the player’s main server

[Image: 58e6240b68d1beeab715c43b326576def1f9741e.jpg]

Crafting update:

We’ve applied another iteration of streamlining the crafting processes to make them more enjoyable and improving the crafting user experience. We focused on polishing the least attractive steps, removing several materials which weren’t adding to the crafting depth but rather making some processes tedious and taking too much inventory space. All removed materials were changed into replacements or, if they haven’t one, into a temporary item which can be sold to the NPC vendor to gain a compensate.

– Replaced all metal Grivnas and Sheets with appropriate metal Bars in order to remove unnecessary steps from the Metallurgy profession
– Streamlined the Aqua Fortis recipe, merging many separate steps into 1
– Replaced all types of Umbo with appropriate metal Bars
– Replaced Doped Pyrite with Pyrite
– Replaced Doped Lump of Iron with Aqua Fortis
– Replaced Vitriol with Sulfur (1 to 5)
– Replaced Quartz Carafe with Quartz Crystal (3 to 1)
– Replaced Hydrochloric Acid with Aqua Fortis
– Removed Graphite
– Increased the materials processing speed in furnaces for fuel levels lesser or equal 4
– Updated the Chamotte and Quartz Glass recipes – now they give 1 piece of product at once, the number of required materials was scaled down to fit this change
– Updated the Bulat recipe, reducing the amount of required Quartz Glass due to scaling down its’ recipe and removing
– Added more ways to obtain the Quartz Glass recipe, including drop tables of Ragi’s Cohort, Brandon’s Cohort, Dark Knights and randomboxes with recipes
– Updated the Dziwer recipe, adding Aqua Fortis to its’ process due to changes in the Aqua Fortis’ recipe
– Increased the number of materials required to craft the Large Leather Bag, since it’s a permanent item and we want to increase its’ value

[Image: 06c494301cacf09c9035ca04f0ed0253bdbdf4a8.jpg]

Quality of Life improvements:

– From now on, each new player (with Greenleaf status) can reward up to 5 players for help received on chat, by RMB-clicking on their names on chat – these players will be rewarded with Contribution Points and Mentor Points
– Updated the guild’s activity mechanics – a player can still be counted up to 4 hours daily but the personal limit is now set to 1 hour, so over-active players can contribute more to the guild, replacing other members
– Improved the “Change main server” button in the main menu
– Improvements to the guild recruitment window’s interface
– Removed the remaining elements of the Christmas content

[Image: 2bb39f29e9ed37fb892ce6beb6eed7e82ed7b574.jpg]


– Fixed an issue causing that the State of War triggered on a specific guild location could be cancelled by placing a token on another location controlled by the same guild
– Fixed reported invisible collision occurring in the central duel arena – if you’d still experience any similar issue in the duel arenas, please report them too
– Fixed an issue allowing to deal multiplied damage to buildings, like in case of backstabs
– Fixed an issue preventing Midlandic players from completing “For Motherland!” quest
– Fixed ballistas’ interaction colliders in Tenebrok, Rodrock Fort, Scarsdale, Seaclaw, Greenport and Ulfgard

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