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Updates Gloria Victis 50% off, a weekly load of fixes & WIP insight! (Update v.
06-02-2019, 14:44, (This post was last modified: 06-02-2019, 14:46 by bartold.)
Gloria Victis 50% off, a weekly load of fixes & WIP insight! (Update v.
[Image: 4c20a15f8528a9ff1d890684d13dbc37d61bd0ca.jpg]

Hello warriors!

This time we apply our weekly update a day earlier than usual in order to fix a critical issue with the quests interface. There are also several other fixes aimed to improve the experience of wandering through the war-torn lands of Gloria Victis. Also, Gloria Victis is 50% off until Monday – it’s a perfect moment to join the battle because the next week will bring a long-awaited feature: movable catapults. Imagine these epic sieges! If you still don’t own Gloria Victis, it’s a perfect time to change it!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

– Fixed an issue causing that the quests weren’t being displayed in the quests panel on the right or on the minimap after obtaining it until a player would manually pin a quest in the questlog
– Fixed an issue causing that the non-loot zone spawned by a siege event didn’t disappear when the event would end or not enough players would join it
– Fixed found issues causing that the siege event wouldn’t start
– Fixed an issue allowing players from enemy nations to join the same siege event’s party
– Fixed an issue allowing to unstuck to the nearest flag from the arena’s terrain
– Fixed moving through the gate doors in the last circles of Lordly Haven and Hordun Temple when the gate is upgraded to level 6
– Fixed found inaccuracies in descriptions of passive abilities and their effects

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