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Updates Addressing Community Feedback! (Update v.
01-03-2019, 03:23,
Addressing Community Feedback! (Update v.
[Image: e83c573562ad8d095a6bdb06e47181c2c0699315.jpg]

Hello warriors!

A new update is live! This week we’ve focused on addressing the Community feedback, including the guild content, archery and the game’s interface. The latest includes, among others, an addition of the Notifications Center and… updated players’ nameplates!

We planned to add some more changes too this week but we had to postpone them so they can be polished enough – expect them to come next week! These changes are:

– Tokens system update in order to fix the fake tokens problem
– Further server hopping limitations

See you in battle!

Changelog v

[Image: 6fbd85d19118748ffe64d10fcffde80ea347dd99.jpg]

Guilds Update:

Now you can practice PVP with your guildies inside your guild’s castle in the just-added PVP arenas! We also introduced a respawn cooldown in the State of War area in order to increase the meaning of each frag, reduce stagnation created by large groups of defenders and unstoppable assaults by huge groups of defenders and create space for new tactics in battles over guild provinces.

– Added training PVP arenas inside the guild locations – you can fight the ally players in their area without losing reputation
– The respawn cooldown effect stacks on each respawn if it started within the area of an active State of War area, up to 4 times
– Respawn time can be extended maximally to 120 seconds after stacking the cooldown effect for the 4th time
– The cooldown effect lasts for 5 minutes from the last respawn – after this time, all of its’ stacks are being cleared
– If a player will be successfully revived before respawning, the cooldown effect won’t stack
– Respawn cooldown doesn’t affect the maximum time for looting or revive a player

[Image: cda8efae99c1984f1c942ca4fd031295da23efcc.jpg]

Archery Update:

We diversified the available bows types in order to create more variety in available bows and playstyle. Changes were done to their base damage, armor penetration, powerbar loading times and stamina cost.

– Longbows have the lowest rate of fire but increased armor penetration (15%) – in effect, they will be more effective against heavy-armored enemies but not against light-armored players
– Reflexive bows have the lowest damage and no armor penetration but they have the highest rate of fire – they will be very effective when used by skilled archers with good accuracy, their rate of fire and low stamina cost will also be useful for new players
– Common bows are an alternative for the players who want to deal more damage with a single arrow than with the reflexive bows but also want a higher rate of fire than that offered by longbows

Quality of Life & Balance

– Updated the players’ nameplates in order to improve user experience and transparency in battles; the complete nameplates can still be displayed by releasing cursor (opening any interface window or holding Alt key)
– From now on, the experience boost for the least populated nation is assigned separately on each server
– Removed remaining Unused Recipes
– Fixed an issue causing that the other player’s character could be displayed as it fell down the wall while still being on top of it
– Fixed an issue causing the textures blinking when opening the skins preview in the Supporter Shop and Skins windows
– Increased damage dealt by catapults to objects and ballistas
– Increased damage dealt by ballistas to siege engines
– Fixed an issue causing a significant client-side performance drop in the Mereley harbor
– Updated Glory memorials and Ismirean PVP event memorial in the arena
– Added basic Animals Butchering recipe to assortment of the standard Merchant vendor
– Updated the invitations interface of Frontline Battles, regular siege events and other world events
– Reduced max distance for reviving the fallen players
– Fixed an issue causing that displaying the arrows’ trail particles even when an arrow already hit the target
– Added possibility to set the percentage threshold at which the item’s durability notification is displayed on HUD
– Introduced the first iteration of the Notifications Center which is aimed to reduce the amount of various informations displayed on HUD and improve the user experience
– From now on, items purchased from the Glory vendors which can also be purchased in the Supporter’s Shop are stored in the Notifications Center, from where they can only be used
– thanks to this change, now you can select when do you want to use purchased goods
– From now on, Daily Rewards and rewards for Mentor status can be taken in the Notifications Center
– Disabled a possibility allowing to purchase a Deposit Slot Card when all deposit slots are already purchased
– Added trellis to windows in the upgradable stone keep’s spawnroom to prevent jumping and shooting through them
– Updated the memorials’ text layout
– Improvements to the Midlandic quest “Defeat pagans on the bridge”
– Improvements to Ismirean quests “Troubles at the Mereley Farm” and “The lords of the trees”
– Improvements to the Sangmarian quest “The plague of wolves”
– Added level requirement for displaying invitations to the Rite and River outpost world events
– Added a sound effect to completing a quest’s objective
– Added sound effects to the river near Leaktown
– Updated some of the rivers sound effects
– Added missing icons of Furnace and Metallurgic Furnace
– Increased size of the flying birds in response to the players’ feedback that they’re not visible enough
– Renamed about 30 characters which names were insulting or violating the Community standards – these characters also received 1-time ability to change their names

[Image: 2bb39f29e9ed37fb892ce6beb6eed7e82ed7b574.jpg]


– Fixed an edge-case issue causing that the State of War could be started without the 1-day countdown
– Fixed an issue causing slight desynchronization of covering the head with a shield on client and server
– Fixed an issue causing that low-level players didn’t see the Shrines objective in the Volcano world event
– Fixed an issue causing that all of the padded gauntlets were using the male model in female version
– Fixed an issue causing that the Leather Bag’s recipe required only one of the listed leathers
– Fixed positions of emblems on some of the shield
– Fixed holes in the Armoursmith’s Workshop’s model

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