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Updates Changelog v.0.0.4 &
31-07-2013, 16:29, (This post was last modified: 08-12-2013, 20:32 by Micki.)
Changelog v.0.0.4 &
- Added trading between players with the use of command /tradeoffer “player’s name”.
- Added skill bar for equipment items and weapons.
- Added the ability to quickly change weapon from the skill bar.
- Added: Changing clothes/armor takes a short time now.
- Added information about the types of buffs the item has.
- Added healing features to items such as potions and food. They have different types of healing process.
- Accessible world expanded by 50%. Added a river, waterfalls, ruins and some free space.
-Added the first keep to the world, keep’s interior is not accessible to the players yet.
- Added new hidden treasures.
- Pants that have shoes attached, take up the legs and feet slots.
- Added character sounds dependent on equiped items (sounds of shoes, torso armor and shield).
- Added draw weapon sounds based on the material the weapon is made of.
- Added armor sounds based on the material the armor is made of.
- Added more creature sounds.
- Fixed the bug where dead opponents were able to make sounds.
- Improved behaviour of mobs after death.
- Fixed the damage and collision detection issues during PVE and PVP. Removed the hitting without damage.
- Improved fighting messages system.
- Improved PVP fighting system.
- Improved NPCs’ fighting animations.
- Fixed the majority of bugs related to NPCs’ life behaviours.
- Removed the ability of wielding a shield with a two handed weapon. The only available two-weapon and shield combination is bow and buckler.
- Fixed the issue with shooting the bow while moving.
- Improved weather effects, like missing shadows, light and fog.
- Fixed the issues related to changing equipment.
- Fixed the issues with game window / menu placement.
- Added multi-language capability to the remaining menus.
- Fixed tooltip issues.
- Improved display of item’s icons and names.
- Improved resources progress bar.
- Fixed the blocking of gui/equipment while resource gathering.
- Fixed the graphic options not saving issue.
- Fixed the control and key binding issues.
- Improved map geometry.
- Fixed the camera issue during running left with a shield drawn.
- Improved chat. Chat shouldn’t have any contact with the controller. Removed the issue of character moving during chat.
- Improved party system: interface keys are now fully working, first username will be properly highlighted during inviting process.
- Fixed the issues with character losing a weapon during heavy controller use.
- Removed the known bugs related to game freezing/crashing.

Changelog v.
- Improved the transition from standing to running when using the bow. The bowstring is no longer released during this transition.
- Fixed the issue of not being able to shoot an arrow just after the start of movement.
- Fixed the issue with disappearing equipment.
- Fixed the chat issue that was occurring since the last update.
- Fixed the freezing controller issue.

The resource gathering had to be temporarily disabled, because we are patching one of the main components of the game. Resource gathering will be enabled with the next update.
We are sorry for inconvenience.

Fixed the issue that made some computers not able to login to the game.
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