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19-09-2013, 11:43, (This post was last modified: 19-09-2013, 12:02 by Benseine.)
#1 @ Gloria Victis (Team Speak Server)
Hello everyone from the Gloria Victis Community!

We from the FUtilez community are following the development of this game and it's community closely and we are seeing that ppl are teaming up to play this game. We've decided to create a public channel on our Team Speak server for ppl to play together in Gloria Victis.

We have recently setup a 2nd Team Speak server. We now have one public server for our community and a seperate one for our guild activities.

Our public server is at the moment mainly used for the gw2 alliance we have created so you might get lost in all the channels you see. But the one we have created for you is almost at the top and named @ Gloria Victis. It's a 512 concurrent slot server so plenty of room for ppl to team up Smile Enjoy Smile You will find additional info once you connect to that server.
The website is currently only for gw2 alliance. We have no plans atm to use that website for Gloria Victis.

Server info:

Port: 9987
Password: qqmore
19-09-2013, 12:29,
RE: @ Gloria Victis (Team Speak Server)
Its one of the best TS server out there and I recommend using it while you play the game .
19-09-2013, 12:43,
RE: @ Gloria Victis (Team Speak Server)
(19-09-2013, 11:43)Benseine Wrote: We have no plans atm to use that website for Gloria Victis.

Yet Smile

Later on when game is closer to release we may go for some community stuff if needed.

p.s. On our community Team Speak we are still hosting the alliance we made for GW2 ( we are not playing it for over 10 months now ) Do You Have What It Takes ?
13-12-2013, 23:44,
RE: @ Gloria Victis (Team Speak Server)
what channel is for gv O_o
14-12-2013, 00:33,
RE: @ Gloria Victis (Team Speak Server)
(13-12-2013, 23:44)yamisniper Wrote: what channel is for gv O_o

I see on TS you found it already. But you are afk, slacker! Big Grin
Well feel free to join any channel you can. To those that might get lost in all the channels there I made a SS of the top of our TS what you see if you first log on. It's right on top, see? Smile

[Image: 2emhi7a.png]
24-10-2015, 10:32,
RE: @ Gloria Victis (Team Speak Server)
But you are afk, slacker.
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24-10-2015, 12:04,
RE: @ Gloria Victis (Team Speak Server)
Gloria Victis already has a community teamspeak
official TeamSpeak 3 server address using as IP address!

if you are a Ismir player we have a Teamspeak just for our nation for info on that ask in nation chat
[Image: ver2sig_zpsbc5b1fca.png]

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