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Forum Rules
23-12-2013, 00:35, (This post was last modified: 23-12-2013, 00:35 by Jog.)
Forum Rules
I. Main rules.
1.1 – This list of Rules contains all rules in effect on the official forum of Gloria Victis game.
1.2 – In situations not covered by the Rules, it is advised to follow the rules of Netiquette and propriety.
1.3 – Each user must read the Rules and is obliged to abide by the Rules.
1.4 – The Rules apply to all users, no matter what rank a user is, or how long or how active they are.
1.5 – Lack of knowledge of the Rules does not exempt from abiding by the Rules as well as the responsibility from breaking the Rules.
1.6 – Posting messages is equivocal with accepting the Rules.
1.7 – People authorized can warn and punish those users who do not follow the Rules.
1.8 – Any actions and situations not covered by the Rules will be judged individually.
1.9 – Forum Administration has the right to change the Rules at any time.

II. Thread posting.
2.1 – Before posting a new thread, it is advised to use “Search” function to verify if an identical or a similar-themed thread already exists. Doubled threads will be deleted.
2.2 – Threads need to be posted in correct subforums. Threads posted in incorrect subforums will be deleted.
2.3 – Title of a thread should clearly inform on the content, to make searching easier. Incorrectly titled threads will be deleted.
2.4 – Before posting a thread it is advised to read any additional rules in effect in particular subforums, if such exist. Such rules will be posted in sticky threads in their subforums.

III. Posting messages.

3.1 – Posts should be relevant to the thread. Irrelevant and off-topic posts will be deleted.
3.2 – Posts should be written grammatically correct and with their spell checked. Continuous breaking of this rule will result in deleting the posts.
3.3 – Abusing capital letters (ABC), writing with “waves” (AbC) and using l33t speak is highly forbidden.
3.4 – It is forbidden to post a message right under your previous one. Use the “edit” button.
3.5 – It is forbidden to put images with a higher resolution that the forum’s. In case of necessity of using such image – it is advised to use thumbnails or scale the image by putting a correct resolution to the image’s tag, e.g. [img=800x600] for a 1600x1200 image.

IV. Content publishing on the forum
4.1 – All content should be posted with propriety and respect for the recipient and other forum users.
4.2 – All users are obliged to respect each other, regardless of race, origin, political or religious views and beliefs.
4.3 – Encouraging and promoting actions and behavior breaking the law is highly forbidden.
4.4 – On the forum, it is forbidden to post :
Racist, pornographic and ideological content, as well as any other content forbidden by the law;
Advertisements and promotion stuff, as well as linking them;
Referring links (reflinks) without a clear information on what do they contain;
Links leading to contests in order to ask for help in achieving certain goals;
Advertorial polls and links leading to them;

V. Warning system
5.1 – Breaking the Rules will result in warning points.
5.2 – Warning points are given for a certain time period by a Moderator, in scale of 1-10.
5.3 –A Moderator gives the warning points individually, depending on the effects of the rule breaking.
5.4 – A Moderator is authorized to reduce any warning points given.
5.5 – Fines:
Shoutbox block - 50% warning points;
Revocation of VIP rank - 80% warning points;
Temporary account block - 100% warning points;
Permanent account block – special cases.
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