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Troubleshooting - "Server Under Maintenance" error solution!

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28-09-2016, 22:57,
RE: Troubleshooting
Guys, we are deeply sorry for that situation.
What you're describing is an unfortunate issue with the synchronisation. Sadly, we cannot restore your items. But you can contact me via our official Teamspeak, hopefully we will find something to recompense that.

Also, I'd like to assure you, that our team is working on new database system and it is partially implemmented in the game, so, such situatations should'nt be experienced soon.
Thank you for understanding and patience.
If you have any problems with the game, please send us logs (get log from the steam directory) to with a problem description (screenshots will help too).

07-10-2016, 12:49,
RE: Troubleshooting
Hey Jog Its 10/7/2016 idk what you guys just updated but push the undo button the servers are experiencing heavy amounts of serverside lag... im sitting with spikes of 400-600ms in the keep crafting and my ping on other games never goes above 100... this is serverside and its never been this bad the odd spike here and there but these spikes are now steady and frequent game is barely playable unless crafting.
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29-11-2016, 23:58, (This post was last modified: 30-11-2016, 03:20 by Slam_Jones.)
RE: Troubleshooting
Issue attempting to create second character


First off, awesome game! I picked it up during the recent Steam Sale and have been very impressed so far! Even with so far to go in development, this is still a surprisingly fun game!

Anyway, onto the issue. Originally I created an Ismir and have levelled him up to 36 or so. Deciding that I wanted to see what it was like for the other half, I decided to also make a Midlander, so I chould check out their starting area, gear, etc etc.

So I went through the character creation process, chose a name and all, and clicked Create (or whatever the button is to finish the creation process).

Now, my game just hangs at the character select screen. It says 'Loading,' but no characters ever pop up.

So far I've deleted the 'Data' folder with the config files, and verified the gme files via Steam... no effect. Checked to make sure the IP address it is attempting to connect to is correct (it is).

I sent an e-mail to your support yesterday with the output_log file attached, but I also wanted to see if this is a common issue, or if I just got unlucky?

I mean, we ARE allowed to have more than 1 character, right? Or did I totally mess things up?

Either way, thanks!


EDIT: I attempted to log back in today, nearly 24 hours after the issue began, and both my characters are appearing now! I assume it was just a server issue. In any case, thanks anyway, glad I'm able to play again Big Grin
30-11-2016, 16:33,
RE: Troubleshooting

Got your email, we are checking what can be wrong. You can have more than one character. I think it is related to database migration and something went wrong with character creation system, that is not working propertly for now. We already working on that issue.

Also, looking at your output log file, I can guess, that you have damaged or old game files. Please, check your files integrity, and try to logout, turn off and get back on Steam to check if game or platform need update.
If you have any problems with the game, please send us logs (get log from the steam directory) to with a problem description (screenshots will help too).

30-11-2016, 21:54,
RE: Troubleshooting
Looks like it's all resolved at this point! Thanks! Big Grin
02-12-2016, 04:59,
RE: Troubleshooting
I have verified my account through my email, set it all up. Go to log in and it says "Authentication has failed, Please try again!" WTF?
02-12-2016, 18:54,
RE: Troubleshooting

Please, log our from your Steam aplication, turn it off and launch again. It should help. Smile
If you have any problems with the game, please send us logs (get log from the steam directory) to with a problem description (screenshots will help too).

13-02-2017, 20:54,
RE: Troubleshooting
Hey all, sorry to ask but I am having an issue getting the Updater to well update.

I have uninstalled the old version, restarted the PC and downloaded the installer (Today).

However the game just sits checking for updates. All the necessary files are allowed in the firewall, but nothing.
Any ideas?

Thank you

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