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Worst Game Ever!
20-02-2015, 02:37,
Wink  RE: Worst Game Ever!
(18-01-2015, 22:52)Milo Hobgoblin Wrote: Vanguard, could have been great.. so much potential.

I own Vanguard, but have never tried .. hmm
20-02-2015, 12:01,
RE: Worst Game Ever!
I was a beta tester for Vanguard. Loved it - but then they released it so broken.

Hah - I was the first player to discover Thissius of the Deep (way of the western side of the map on some islands - massive giant sea squid). When it killed me, the GM didn't believe such a thing was in game - and then it killed him too - repeatedly. Good times Smile
18-04-2015, 19:04,
RE: Worst Game Ever!
I'd have to say Darkfall Unholy Wars is the worst game ever... Not because of the game itself but the developers.. all they do is lie and false advertise
26-11-2015, 17:58, (This post was last modified: 27-11-2015, 18:39 by Zanaris.)
RE: Worst Game Ever!
RE: Worst Game Ever!
Don't prejudge if you don't think in the same way, thank you. I've now given solid long essay about the topic.
It's good that this thread exists; I hope mods won’t go insane after this post.

Worst game it's quite hard to choose but I have two categories to make it easier to summarize - being worst depends a lot in this case in the company ‘’Trion’’ because they’re not supporting the game they made and are willingly harassing the loyal gamers and other supporters instead of having it clean and nice.
As for unsupported Mmorpg's I would call; ArcheAge, because the Us/Eu developers aren’t trust worthy, they literally scammed plenty of people with Starter Packs worth almost hundred bucks and their promises of not having Cash shops in game went forgotten in few days after release, the game itself is average – The saddest thing in that is however ‘’the farming’’ where you can't earn points and cash without using ‘’real life money’’ because a glitch made most of the new people not even able to log in for first week of the release and the few who got in could ‘’afk’’ on the starting menu so the people couldn't log in as there were gigantic hype for the game as the queue's would kick people out because your internet couldn't handle waiting for more than 5-6 hours, also the same very reason made things unfair because some people used hacks to buy out all fresh and free land before majority could even login due to the queue situation and those people made prices be insane as a few could own almost anything from the resources to end products, funny point is that devs don't plan to restart the game and they don't really care if the game files have law violating rootkits included, which are not mentioned in downloading list as you install the game and you need a professional Pc manager to delete that hacking tool which may cause you to lose your work...

Perfect World (game) could gain the worst Cash Shop -title easily, as you couldn't make in-game gold after someone wanted to delete Dragon Point's value, so following that did almost all high lvl dungeon drops being nerfed to zero and the launcher issues topped it off, by splitting the community in half, basically. To be honest Pwi suffered a lot from the griefers in the community who basically just glitched all good items into their own pockets, without grinding dozens of hours – mods didn’t care to do anything in response they just updated game from the wrong perspective...

Rest of my comment will be based on a Mmorpg called: Runescape Eoc and 3, you have been warned.

From point of the game itself, I would say: Runescape 3 by Jagex, the game has been going downwards since they lost majority of old moderators, making trading not to be; player's controlled vendoring, to add some layer for the roleplaying as making people to talk more and keep up good community status, the way of removing the player vendors made people to communicate less in long run with each other, as they could now just trade things manually with a trading post aka. Grand Exchange and a few years later the company started to change games original mechanics to keep up with the current Mmorpg's and be a niece to Action Bar styled Mmorpg's.

Runescape was already hit by the trade restrictions in 2009 or around it and pvp-timer sanction which made people to not risk more than 50k cash worth of stock, since drops were randomized as to ban out bots and money sellers and finally it ended up with the removal of Wilderness aka. Pvp-zone, which was luckily voted back a year earlier before the real ''storm hit'', which sunk the rest of the game pretty badly.
Runescape in 2012 started with making loyalty program that made people be ultimately better than the others and it took off-the meaning of minigame features and questing rewards, a costume shop which had well-made stuff compared to the existing ''rares'' which were rewarded from doing treasure trials etc and they lost values because they were out of fashion, simple. Then Jagex decided to add a improved version of current game, called Eoc ''Evolution of Combat'' which killed off all PVP audience with a single sweep by making risking in pvp less rewarding; because every pvp-zone was turned into multizone instead of leaving it to be as it was before, also they took off exp gaining from player killing making it just stupid uncompfortable as you were only spamming action bar skills, then they made Exp drops to appear after the kill, when it was perfect; with the Exp for ea. hit so people could calculate and wait for suprise attack/combo, so if you wanted to hybrid with different combat styles, you just switched ''to magic gears, stun the enemy, 5 way switch to melee spec and change again''. As the game got the hot bars/action bars like World of Warcraft and as many of other Mmorpg's do these days -- made all hybriding and tick-based pvp content to die or evolve.
Action Bars was really the last nail on the Runescape's coffin, it did not only make pvp un-immersive and it also took out the uniqueness of simple combat triangle, with tick-based attacking. Who do you really think -- would in the first place like to play a simple graphical, hardcore grinding, Pay to win, JavaScript-restricted game, with a terrible community and uninviting environment.

Casual stuff regarding the Runescape: There were nothing good besides devaluated old content to keep people's interests up, however the company decided to continue spamming bad content aimed for only one audience of 3 major ones (which was those who like the most, Player versus Environment combat) and left the 2/3 without real attention (which were Pures, Pvp players which made up the most amount of paid subscribers at the momentums around 2007, and period between 2011-2012).

One of the mentionable worthy things to add here; Along the action bars replacing tick-based combat, came the update which was changing the armor rate values and make all pvp items worth of nothing like giving no defense bonus or no attack bonus at all, then devaluating the combat stats to compensate the newly added updates which given cumulative experience for new and old players around that took of the meaning of having experienced in the first place as it was harder to level up and it was now almost a joke to get max skills, however because most high tiered equipmentary lost their value in first few days and before they had to do something or lose huge amount of players.
Then to fix the situation developers tried to add content by replacing top items with new sets which made economy go crazy literally, you owed like 200M in gears and weapons tomorrow it's half or less worthy - so the most people lost their banks or quitted it completely.
From pvp point of view - A example you get in fight with guy almost risking nothing and you have ''best gear available'', match is between you and a 30 level lower player that could kill you easily with correct action bar set-up when it wasn't earlier possible, also Runecrafting, Fletching skills lost their value as no more people needed the runes or arrows/bolts because the skills were based in action bar moves nor anymore for casting/shooting objects, so finally the summoning skill lost uniqueness too, because familiars couldn't hit almost anything or they would just be on the way whole time but along that they make you skulled/risk all items if being multizoned in pvp because they had always auto-retaliate on for some reason...

Then company turned back to loyal people and wiped out all negative references from Forum posts to Youtube, it made paid Youtuber’s to go away, then they choose only a small amount of paying people to beta-test the new version of the Runescape - plus nor making voting available for new content, then the company started to cash up stuff with the left over players first came the Cosmetics, then Exp bonus and finally the in-game gold, which they had tried to block few times by ip-banning Chinese gold farmers firstly and then started to manage the Cs:ing by themselves, before promising they wouldn't go in that direction. I could go on, but you get the picture, I think?

I will not post this kind, of long rants more, I bet that. -Zanaris
28-11-2015, 03:25, (This post was last modified: 28-11-2015, 03:29 by xcburmx.)
RE: Worst Game Ever!
agreed if mortal online was updated with graphics and worked on a tad bit it would be phenominal i just can find myself subscribing to such an ugly ass game

stay away from savage lands lol

(04-02-2014, 13:39)Wanderer Wrote:
(28-01-2014, 20:25)Nanamix Wrote: Mortal Online - Bugs, everywhere.

You list the only mmo worth playing right now as the worst mmo ever?
Yeah it has a shitton of Bugs and many system are poorly impemented, but for me it is the only released mmo that i can enjoy right now Wink

As for the worst mmo...there are just too many. All those asian p2w grinders, all the WoW copies...

But for me the worst mmo is surely NOT the one that dared to take a different approach

yea i feel the exact same i woulda kept playing it if it wasnt so ugly looking
01-02-2016, 08:07,
RE: Worst Game Ever!
The worst game I ever played is Mortal online I had to stop playing after a year. I did not mind that you have to pay a sub to unlocked the abilities to cap your skills out and become more effective. What I hate most is the GMS, most of the players (the ones that trolls a lot) and the overall game play.

First off the Gm: The gm's are pricks, I was helping out a new player in the help channel because I thought it was the nice thing to do, and also for other new players to see his answer to his question. The gm told me to keep the help channel on "topic" about three times, that when I told him to lay off I am just doing your job and answering questions for new players so they can build up the shitty player base, he got pissed and locked me in a cell for 48 hours.

players: I know it a sandbox open world pvp, but damn I can't go to the bank to deposit my money or buy the things I need without my stuff getting stolen. For fuck sakes I am in a safe town just leave me alone...Another thing I hate about the player base, is that they talk a lot of crap and then try to gank you in a group of five or six people, if you really a man, you would let me wreck you in a 1v1 or a 1v3..

Time after time, I tried it with this game, but the graphics and mechanics sucks. I mean the graphics look like something a windows 98 can easily run on high settings, the textures is bad it look as if they threw shit together and called it a game
03-06-2016, 21:43,
RE: Worst Game Ever!
Worst game ever for me...


Most games I didn't like, I just stopped playing and forgot about them immediately. I don't really dwell on a lot them. Probably the most disappointing for me personally is Planetside 2. I say this as someone who put over 800 hours into that game. It took them nearly 4 years to put out systems that should have been launched with the game in 2012, but since the 2012 release of the game was such a huge mess, rushed by the producers and producing an inferior bug riddled mess that took the better part of 2 years to fix... And now the game is in the hands of Day Break, who have put all their eggs into the DayZ ripoff basket, which they have screwed so completely, that no long how long it sits on a block of ice, it'll still squirm in it's seat. And by all their eggs, I mean all their devs. PS2 is a game that should still be in active development, but all the devs pull double duty with the poorly thought out Zombie cash in that DBG put out.

That's me though.
02-03-2018, 14:35,
RE: Worst Game Ever!
For me the worst games were Tokyo Tattoo Girls and Thunderstruck ii slot In my opinion this is a failure especially the first game.
13-05-2018, 05:10,
RE: Worst Game Ever!
well the worst game i've ever played, hmmm let me think, oh yeah!

░░░▀▀░GLORIA VICTIS▐▄▄▄▀░░░░░░
02-07-2018, 15:21,
RE: Worst Game Ever!
All in all, I liked each game to some degree.

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