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Women in Gloria Victis
15-09-2014, 15:49,
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
(12-09-2014, 21:22)Steve Wrote: Of course my experience is assuming a patriarchal society - I'm not describing a fantasy world - I was describing my own experience. And previous posts were also describing women in history as examples of how a woman might be played in this game - history of the real patriarchal societies on which this game is based.

Midlanders/Western Europeans = patriarchal; Ismirs/Northern Europeans = patriarchal; Azebans/Arabs = patriarchal; Sangarians/Greeks = patriarchal. I'm not making a judgment call on whether or not the developers of the game should base one of their proposed Nations on a matriarchal versus patriarchal society - I'm simply saying that within the context of what this game is based on, a reasonable assumption of female behavior MIGHT be to assume a more masculine affectation. Not that a female player or character should - again, that is a judgment call that I'm NOT making. How ridiculous would that be of me to do.

Now if YOU are suggesting the developers create a matriarchal society, or "sub-faction" - I think that's just fine. On the other hand - I don't think anyone would insist that female characters be practically different to male characters - therefore it would be the choice of the player of the female character to decide how to act. Because we live in the 21st century - and this is a game.

I think your idea of a sports bra built into armor is hilarious - and I think weapons and armor should look and act the same no matter a character's anatomy. I laugh a bit at games that hyper-sexualize female armors - more for reasons of practicality though, and not because I'm super concerned with gender sensitivity in video games.

On another note - I think it's only fair that if the developers create armors with conical breasts for females that they create cod-pieces for males. My dream is to create an emotionally imbalanced pirate character who looks like David Bowie in the Labyrinth.

You find sports bras as sexualizing? o.O It's due to them requiring more motion frontally with both hands than would be possible with regular bra.
15-09-2014, 17:14,
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
I didn't say sexualizing - I said hilarious.
17-09-2014, 03:28,
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
(22-03-2014, 02:51)Majere616 Wrote: Or we could just ditch the entrenched misogyny of reality because it adds literally nothing enjoyable or enriching to the experience of playing the game and including it with weak justifications of "But it's historically accurate" is incredibly disingenuous in a setting where you can get in a fight with a troll.

Biology is mysoginistic?

Lay off the feminazi pills, please.
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19-09-2014, 23:21,
RE: Female Characters
Any news on implementation of females timeline with all the recent releases? BTW: Hey, everyone! Been away for a bit!

My wife has been asking me every time I read out the updates for the game, "Females yet?" so, figured I'd refresh this old post and see.
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24-09-2014, 10:47, (This post was last modified: 24-09-2014, 10:48 by BlackWolf.)
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
(15-09-2014, 17:14)Steve Wrote: I didn't say sexualizing - I said hilarious.

What would be hilarious about it? o.O It's more hilarious to see female models that constitute tanking classes, in traditional MMOs, wearing a plate mail corset which would be... quite impractical from a physical standpoint.

Women have needs when it comes to combat armor just as much as men do (unless you're suggesting no special considerations are made to protecting the groin area for men) and while rare medieval armor for women did exist so yeah... whatever would be hilarious about a woman in armor requiring her breasts not be in the way when she's cleaving into someone with a zweihander.
25-09-2014, 17:53,
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
As a female who has fought with a blade some, there aren't differences in the armor aside from needing it properly fitted, which is more a matter of height and width than certain body parts. Certainly a woman might bind her breasts with cloth, but it's not as big a problem as you might think for the average, athletic female. Assuming someone has muscle mass as a fighter, the chest would be considerably smaller than in modern times where fat is more prevalent.

You wouldn't build anything into the armor. Rather, you'd wear it underneath the armor. In order to keep from pinching, chafing and bruising of the skin against armor, you wear an arming doublet or some other cloth beneath the plate. Anyone does, regardless of gender; between that and binding with another simple bit of cloth, there's literally no purpose in building anything breast-related into plate armor. They just aren't and wouldn't be in the way. That includes breast-shaped cups which I think I spy in the GV screenshots.

The same goes for leather armor. All you'd need is binding with a bit of cloth and it fitted to your dimensions, just like a tall bear of a man would need a bigger set of armor than a short, scrawny fellow. Also, the swords don't have to be smaller; if your muscles are trained for it, you can handle it. Likewise, if you're a man and don't have that muscle mass built, you'll have trouble swinging a sword around and lugging armor. It's not about biology. Except, we'd probably not need a codpiece.

That said, I was curious from a game lore standpoint more than a historical one; I'm certain female characters will be capable of and do the same things as male characters. As a role-player though, I'm just curious how my character should react to others and how they might react to mine. Will she gaze in confusion as they tell her she hits like/throws like/runs like a girl because what does that even mean? or does she break their nose because she's tired of a lifetime of prejudiced commentary as a female fighter. I mentioned Mount and Blade: Warband because if you go through the RPG as a female character, you're able to do everything that a male character can do, but it's essentially... hard mode. For example, few lords will be interested in marrying you because you're battle-hardened, your voice rough from issuing commands while they prefer a more traditional noble-lady.

Regardless, I'll be making a female hunter/woodsman/brigand, and likely a female squire. Just interested for story reasons!
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26-09-2014, 14:10, (This post was last modified: 26-09-2014, 14:11 by baronandy.)
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
athletic females mostly not have the biggest breasts

at least the ufc woman

lol searched for ufc fights and found those didnt expected woman fight in the ufc, but damn the fight was impressive
27-09-2014, 15:31,
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
I'm not sure why the topic has become about physical characteristic's. The truth of the matter (in my opinion), is that a woman would have to work or fight the same as a man in this "portrayed" time frame. I could even see hobbled men as vendors, while their wife is on the battlefield, defending the Keep.
29-09-2014, 15:49,
RE: Women in Gloria Victis
Hi all.

I just want to point out that like people have said it is low fantasy fiction.

Even historically women have never let themselves be deterred from doing the things they needed and felt they had to do based on their sex.

Also I have not seen any one actually take into account the races and religions in this game.
It is deep lore within the game so lets not be hasty with were this thread goes.

I want to point out that in reality there were cultures that worshiped their female warriors or priestesses, withes etc.
Others did not so why should this game be any different.

And why cant we the gamer's decide to swim upriver and play in a misogynistic culture and religion and show them up. That is what we do after all.

WE are Gamers! What does it matter, male female.
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01-02-2015, 00:36,
RE: Female Characters
(08-06-2014, 04:14)Trzebuch Wrote: They'll be implemented eventually... but it requires some time, since they need their own versions of armor parts.

How much time are we talking about? It's been half a year now and there still doesn't seem to be any updates with respect to female characters other than confirmations from the developers that they are working on it; haven't found an expected release date though.
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