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Your favourite book
29-08-2013, 11:39,
RE: Your favourite book
The first time I read it I said to myself:ok that would be helpful some hundreds of years ago.Not long after that i realized that you can use the knowledge you get from it in pretty much any situation.
Really guys you should read it,its like the holy grail of books Big Grin
06-09-2013, 18:45,
RE: Your favourite book
1. The Song of Ice and Fire series
2. The Wheel of Time series
3. Harry Potter series

I've read a lot of other good books, but none that come close to these 3 series.
11-09-2013, 13:28,
RE: Your favourite book
My favourite book....hmmm....I think it would be Hyperion series
Mógłbym zgodzić się, że macie rację, ale wtedy nikt z nas by jej nie miał.
11-09-2013, 14:34,
RE: Your favourite book
Terry Pratchett's Night Watch series.
Nie pozwól aby cham gównem prychał miast je sam połykać.
19-09-2013, 14:26, (This post was last modified: 19-09-2013, 19:57 by Cynny.)
RE: Your favourite book
Simon Beckett's David Hunter novels about a British forensic anthropologist.

And I forgot to add Connie Willis the Doomsday book, it's about the middle ages and the black death pandemic. I read it twice, great story.
25-09-2013, 17:23,
RE: Your favourite book
A song of fire and ice. And of course the lord of the rings, that book is a must read.
30-09-2013, 13:44,
RE: Your favourite book
Patrol Bravo Two Zero - Andy McNab
The Lord of the Rings
The Art of war
All Clive Cussler's books Big Grin
Me: Oh, you kill them too fast...
Wodin: Here comes the psychopath again
04-10-2013, 09:24,
RE: Your favourite book
My favorite books are:

-The Vampire Diaries
-The Name of this Book is Secret
-If You're Reading this it's too Late.
25-11-2013, 18:18,
RE: Your favourite book
Frank Millers Sin City
Tom Clancy Novels
Books about history
[Image: rl9m3c.gif]
Phalanx Infamia Military RP Guild
"Victoria Aut Morte"
13-01-2014, 18:57,
RE: Your favourite book
For me,

1. A Song of Fire and Ice series GRR Martin
2. Malazan book of the Fallen series Steve Erikson
3. The Skystone Series Jack Whyte

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