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Nvidia 3d vision good ??
22-12-2014, 19:48, (This post was last modified: 23-12-2014, 09:25 by baronandy.)
Nvidia 3d vision good ??
have seen this monitor


Typ:LCD• LCD Technologie:TN• Bildschirmdiagonale (cm):68.6 cm• Bildschirmdiagonale (Zoll):27 Zoll• Bildschirmdiagonale (cm/Zoll):68.6 cm / 27 Zoll• Auflösung:2.560 x 1.440 Pixel• Bildverhältnis:16:9

1ms reaction time

144 hz

i really wanted to try out chivalery in 3d after someone told me 3d fighting is nice in chivalery because you can calculate the range better

never had the newest grafic card but i got told to have 120 fps in 3d mode on 2560*1440 pixel will require a badass high end grafic card

do you think the gtx 980 is powerful enough to play chivalery in 120 fps full res ???

or is there no graficcard that strong atm to deliver the 120 fps in 3d ??

anyone tested the 3d monitors on games ?? have any experiance with it ??
15-01-2015, 03:15,
RE: Nvidia 3d vision good ??
Well let me do a Crash Course on you real quick That Monitor supports G sync (Next Gen Stuff Its epic) basically the monitor Auto Analyzes Images and Clears them So your Graphic Card Can work Up to eh 30% less. And u don't need Antilizeing 8x on games anymore but I personally Would Wait a But until maybe June When they will drop to reasonable Numbers. Not 700+ And to your Second "question" The Human eye Cannot see about 80 hz or 80 FPS So Anything about 80fps is Completely useless When most games run Ok at 40fps and great at 60 fps and Unicorn Fodder at 80fps so "having 120 fps being badass" would be Like having a Function on your snow blower to blow the snow in your face YOU WILL never use it nor need to because its fine blowing The way all snow blowers do. Those Monitors are to make Graphic cards run a little easier so U can Focus On more stuff Like 4k Resolution. And Currently 2 980's Cant run Assassins Creed Unity Above 108 frames and Those Were EVGA 980 Classifieds and Personally I run 2 reference 970's on my Normal gaming pc. The More U add On less Efficient it is But having 2 is better then One GPU unit But Having 3 970's Wouldn't Be as efficient as 2 980's The most U can Really SLI (Mutable NVidia GPU's) is 4 980's and that's useless as hell because the 4th 980 runs at 20% efficiency it almost does nothing and adds a lot more heat to your system so yeah. 3 is much more spaced out and easier to work with. And If your going to get a next gen graphic card Check Your PSU is good enough plus the speed on your CPU any Processor below a Intel i3 or a amd 4 Core Will Bottle neck your GPU and render it useless. 3D gaming Is fun But I would Wait Until June of 2k15.
15-01-2015, 11:41, (This post was last modified: 15-01-2015, 11:49 by baronandy.)
RE: Nvidia 3d vision good ??
thx for the info . what i was interested to know if unreal engine games like chivalery, nosgoth could run at 60 fps in 3d at 2560 resolution with 1 980 grafic card ?? do you think it is possible ?? or are the graficcards nowadays not strong enough to do this ???

i checked out chivalery as an anaglyph and the ed effects looks pretty nice , and i think in nosgoth it could be awesome too if the vamps jump on you XD with the ability to climb everywhere

here the link it looks really nice in 3d but with these old red cyan glasses the color looks crap XD

do you have chivalery madevil warfare installed ? if yes it would be so nice if you could tell me the fps you get in this game on max res and your 2 gtx 970 setup

3D gaming Is fun But I would Wait Until June of 2k15.

what will be released in june 2015 ??
16-01-2015, 02:32,
RE: Nvidia 3d vision good ??
With a 4k Monitor I get 60 frames But I could get up to 84 Running Sli on chivalry like I Said running 2 GPU's is better then one 980 I wouldn't get a 980 They run a tad cooler and a tad faster then the 970 Get two 970's Reference cards They sell them at best buy or get the G1 from gigabyte.

In June There's New monitors Supporting 3d and g sync so the price wont be so ridiculous. Right now if u want a cool ass experience get a Oculus Rift For Chivalry.
17-01-2015, 12:08,
RE: Nvidia 3d vision good ??
ah thx for the infos about new monitors comming out and prizedrop

oculus rift is nothing for me , i think it move the screen when you look arround , not good for chivalery XD where i want to do reverse overheads and stuff like that.

and i think or have low res like 720 pixels , right ?? i mean 2560 pixels is very sharp

With a 4k Monitor I get 60 frames

what grafic options everything on medium , low or high ,anti aliasing on/off ?? on a 32 man server ??

anyways thx a lot so i might get arround 80 fps on on a 2560 pixel monitor which would be fine

will 3d reduce the framerate again a lot, if i would turn it on ? would it be like 5120 pixels because it produce 2 pictures for the left and right eye ?? sry dont know much about these things XD

anyways thx for your time and the test !!!!
08-10-2015, 05:29, (This post was last modified: 08-10-2015, 05:29 by Taylorw.)
RE: Nvidia 3d vision good ??
I usually keep updated with the latest Nvidia Programs by Driver Booster Smile
30-04-2018, 13:59,
RE: Nvidia 3d vision good ??
Iobit nie korzystał bym z tego. Czasami moze zrobić więcej szkód..

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