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Your character in GV?
05-11-2012, 01:51,
RE: Your character in GV?
Cool photo Smile Really like itWink
05-11-2012, 06:20,
RE: Your character in GV?
Hard to tell with no lore to go off of, but I will stick with my tried and true name of Aedric. I will probably have to choose with a wealthy merchant's son wanting adventure or a spurned soldier out to make a name for himself.
10-11-2012, 15:39,
RE: Your character in GV?
[Image: chapter1clericpreviewu.jpg]

I want to be e cleric knight. Limited in many ways but not a robe dressed sissy like in typical korean MMO
Spójrz w oczy moje! Krzywd i zła maskę przejrzyj, choć w mroku prawdy stoję.
Chcesz sztylet wbić i skończyć ze mną? Z rąk Twych śmierć przyjąć się nie boję.
11-11-2012, 01:31,
RE: Your character in GV?
I like the idea of being a young man from a small hamlet and being a skilled hunter with the bow. I regularly trade pelts at city markets with my father but have always secretly longed for fame and adventure.
14-11-2012, 06:31,
RE: Your character in GV?
Going off a purely role-playing aspect, I plan to play my character as if he came from this background:

Thomas was born into a rich and powerful family. The family achieved their power by less than humane means, and acquired riches off of shady business deals. Thomas never agreed with the acts and he did not respect his parent’s motives, but he always committed whatever crime his parents asked of him, in fear of receiving a beating. Thomas is a brawler of sorts, always up for a challenge. He believes in helping those in which he feels need too, but does not focus on being a hero. At the age of 14 Thomas left his parents, into the wide, unknown world. He is not unknown, however, as his family has long been known for their crimes, and many a man would love to have the head of the Barbarius's first born son.

As a boy, Thomas was brought up to be the “perfect child” before his God showed him his own path. During this time Thomas committed many violent acts upon being ordered to do so from his parents. Whether it be an assassination, or simply participating in battles for coin and fame. Thomas was so inclined upon following orders, that he simply cannot remember what happened for a total of 2 years time. He knows not what all he did, or even where he was; so he knows not what influences may come back to haunt him, or reward him.

Thomas fled to a town far away, being followed by his old childhood friends. He has been living a simple life, focusing on his swordplay and his Blacksmithing. You can often find him in one of two places; the dummy ring, or the forge...

This is where his journey begins Tongue
[Image: tawm.png]
15-11-2012, 08:38,
RE: Your character in GV?
The character I envision would be from a middle-class type of family so he would have a decent education and the curiosity to motivate him to want to learn magic, but not the resources or contacts to know how. He would likely use staff and bow as weapons, light armor he could make himself from animal pelts, and would probably side as a hunter and a bit of a crafter to support himself and explore the world looking for opportunities to learn more about magic.
25-11-2012, 07:36,
RE: Your character in GV?
My chareter is very goal driven. he is a knight who will pledge himself to one factions and represent that faction untill his dyeing breath. allthough he may be a bit rash and brazen he is a centerpeice to any and many battlefields
18-12-2012, 12:41,
RE: Your character in GV?
I am going to try and be a Nobleman/merchant type that wants to become a feudal Knight of old medieval dark days
21-02-2013, 18:42,
RE: Your character in GV?
I aim to recreate a family that I role play on a different MMO except for in their foundations. I then aim to escalate their wealth, power and influence by creating a guild to expand their operations.

The DeVaux's are a greed driven family. Tzayan ,the head of the family, used shady investment to his 'bank' to acquire a small but fast merchant vessel. The vessel is used solely for the transportation of cargo especially to those factions which are blockaded. The lowest price in, highest price out. Tythazar the eldest living son harks the helm of this ship. He is neither old nor young, tall nor short, frugal nor frivolous. What he is though is ruthless. If it means slitting the throat of the port official to get retrieve his cargo then so be it. He has a steady aim of quick whited responses which may seem completely irrelevant but charm is a greater weapon to him than his blade.

Tyrano the younger brother of Tythazar was not destined to be an adventurer of the sea like his older brother simply due to the fact he gets sea sick. He would rather spend the exploits of his father and brother on purchasing the support of local politicians for his family's immunity to much of the law. He simply describes himself to 'dabble in the affairs of nobles' something not so easily done.

I would hope other players would help me create this little corrupt but not evil world of mine. I am not too fond any character which try's to make out that they are purely good (bar monks, and what fun are they?)
23-02-2013, 14:50,
RE: Your character in GV?
Tythazar I love the back story can we join up and become that family ??

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