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Your character in GV?
24-02-2013, 11:42,
RE: Your character in GV?
Definitely we will need a few others for depth.. if it get's to big we can have cousins etc. The more the merrie
27-02-2013, 11:20,
RE: Your character in GV?
No problem the more RP the better Smile
27-02-2013, 14:56,
RE: Your character in GV?
In every game (whenever it is possible) I always try to make my character resemble myself in both appearence and personal skills/abilities. Can't wait to see what possibilities GV will serve us on this field. Fingers crossed!
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27-02-2013, 18:52,
RE: Your character in GV?
I like this game 'cause i like the timeline it is set if i have to make a character i'll look to make my alter-ego
a man who comes from Germany, about 1.90 cm tall, 87 kg with a long red beard and a crest (red too), a slim body, with reflexes and streight, a blacksmith, but a warrior too, not the slow warrior with plate armor, uhm... how i can explain... (my english won't help...) like Geralth by The witcher saga... excelent...
he will be 28 years old and will be single, looking for a girl of course... his spirit is neutral, he will does what he wants and no one can order what he have to do...

uhm... i don't know if i'm comprensible, but i tried eheh
27-02-2013, 21:40,
RE: Your character in GV?
every mmo i play i get an idea of how i want my character and every time i never able to achieve the idea due to balance issues, game content, the game system etc.

so basically i just go into a game and make what seems appropriate at the time Do You Have What It Takes ?
15-03-2013, 22:53,
RE: Your character in GV?
I guess it sometimes depends on the setting of the game that determines how my character is. In this case, I would have this same name, Ryussei. Ryu for short. He doesn't try to move up in life. And I always liked to have the person have trust issues with people so he learned to get by on his own and do mercenary work (which is related to why I asked that in the questions area.) to basically survive for himself and explore and everything for his own knowledge. Sometimes he will help someone but only if he benefits from it as well. And maybe, if possible, learn to trust people during his journey through his lifetime. Well, I don't normally sit and put thought into how my character will be. So I guess it's safe to say this may or may not be how I make my character seem like in-game. Annnnd yea~...
In the darkest darkness,
In the deepest shadows,
I won't let anyone....
Hurt the ones dear to me....
20-03-2013, 19:56,
RE: Your character in GV?
I'm thinking of a character along the lines of Sandor Clegane from the song of fire and ice books, a brutal, cruel character who very much lives for his own needs and gains ( in reality quite a sad, unhappy,soulless character ), enjoys violence for violence sake and will probably follow whoever pays the most.
That's my idea at the min but it may change when I know more lore.
23-04-2013, 12:07,
RE: Your character in GV?
I love having a back story for your character. It makes the atmosphere so much better and more entertaining where you can relate and connect with your character everytime you play him/her. What you do in the world knowing it will affect your character on how they work in the world.

I usually have a basic name/setting for my characters but i try and find out the lore/setting of the world before making a full story for them.

I will for sure work on the story when the time is right!
02-06-2013, 12:08,
RE: Your character in GV?
I dont know yet what will be my characters backstory, personality, etc. But i know that il name him Leonias, becouse its cool and close to my name, Leonardo.
Ready to die for my country...
22-06-2013, 02:30,
RE: Your character in GV?
I'll be Sigismund von Landsknecht, a mercenary from the great Holy Roman Empire. Only looking for gold, don't care about titles and willing to accept any dirty job... but gentleman: I would never hurt a lady even for a gold bridge.

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