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Your character in GV?
16-07-2013, 03:14,
RE: Your character in GV?
Nice story!
24-07-2013, 13:55,
RE: Your character in GV?
Well for me hard to explain myself so my RP writing it bad,but I generally base it out of this...

When I awoken I knew I was for once not shackled up but I still could smell familiar smell of salt from the sea so I knew I was close to coastline but far from his en-slavers .When My senses finally came back to me I could hear 100 unfamiliar sounds of beast around me,there was little people in trees flinging from one branch to another and screaming at me and odd looking birds singing their dawn chorus to attract their mate so I knew it was still around beginning of summer, the trees and bushes had so many shades of green and brown and so dense you could not see or walk 2 feet without getting tangled .I knew I was lost in a place that no other man has been before but I was not scared for some odd reason and I was in harmony with myself in this odd place .

I had vague past memory of allot of screaming and me eventually subdued by salt water and eventually being engulfed by darkness,while I was trying to remember what happened a odd creature appeared.
It was weird beast with black fur and as tall as I but walk on all fours and 3 times wide but had similar resemblance to things I seen caged up but I named him Goraille .He lead me to group of stranded men who I recognized and they were slaves just like me and those men and women help me build Muireann and they eventually they turned into my shield Brothers and Sisters.It toke us 2 full moons to build her and to tribute Goraille we made prow of our boat to resemble it to ward off all evil in our journey on the sea

When we left it was peak of hottest times of year and sun was straight above us and we sailed off,we still don't know what it was or why it help us but it toke care of us when we could not ourselves but we knew is was mystical beast and it did for reason.When we were about to leave it gave us odd looking gold coin and with that coin we sailed off to make history and kill and plunder the lands that enslaved us.

No man can escape fate of death and Cearbhall eventually went to pits after many battles won and fingers lost .He was welcomed by his fellow shield brothers and sister that fell before him and men he brought here with his own Ax and they talked and boast about their previous life.While he was explaining how he lost his left pinky a robe man appeared and wished to talk to him.

He explained that he will never forget for what I have done in previous life but he will give me and my men another chance to redeem themselves and to roam and fight once more for greater good cause. He needs me to lead a group of men to chase all wicked people to pits .I agreed to his terms and that is how group Hellequin or short [Hell] got established.
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28-07-2013, 15:03, (This post was last modified: 28-07-2013, 15:09 by Lord von Koblihson.)
RE: Your character in GV?
My character will be some common blacksmith who got bored with his job and decided to go on an adventure. I will create his history, childhood, name and everything else after the game lore is out. Smile

Id like some medium armor, shield, sword and bow if its possible in game... heavy armor if not. Smile
Your quality will be known among your enemies, before ever you meet them.
28-07-2013, 15:14,
RE: Your character in GV?
Is all available.
28-09-2013, 21:59,
RE: Your character in GV?
I plan on being an Archer. I like the ability to attack from a distance and take a stealthy approach after thinking of an appropriate attack strategy. I do enjoy melee combat as well and I am looking forward to joining a group, making friends and creating healthy rivalries.

Looking forward to seeing you all in game!
11-05-2014, 02:31,
RE: Your character in GV?
If permissible, I'd like my character to be a Knight-Errant of sorts... Travelling the lands, perhaps with a warband... And maybe coming back to his hereditary lands and bein' a boss.
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07-06-2014, 14:32, (This post was last modified: 07-06-2014, 14:34 by Enthused_Dragon.)
RE: Your character in GV?
My current character name is Banthur. (Ismir, I will in the future be a more civilized race.)

Leader and founder of The Adventurer's Guild.
Explorer of dangerous areas and finder of long lost treasures.

I plan on conquering every last dungeon, cave and mountain out there to explore and find their treasure that they are hiding.

I do not like bullying and will help those in need to become stronger!
I stand together with my friends to the end, I do not abandon them.

Even though I do not involve my self in politics I strive for freedom!
If anyone is held against their will I will rise to free them!

I am an Adventurer!
[Image: Enthused_Dragon.jpg]
Join us for an adventure into the known and the unknown!
Guild Info:

In-game character name: Dragon
09-06-2014, 18:33, (This post was last modified: 09-06-2014, 18:35 by Phenaren.)
RE: Your character in GV?
Name: Sargon
Age: 37
Height: 6'6" Weight: 230 lbs
Eyes: Green Hair: Black
Build: Athletic/Muscular
Sargon served as an Ismir wall guard for most of his young adult life. The job brought him the safety and comfort of a job in authority. Though, it was ultimately not enough for the ambitious warrior. He departed in recent years from the service and ventured out to spread his name as a Mercenary. Sargon is cold, calculating and ambitious. Devoid of moral inclination and seeks to enhance his life, name and power through any means given to him.

He serves any god which can offer him strength, might and power and has no qualms about sacrificing anything in order to gain favor from them. A Blackguard in the making, Sargon has set his sights on the world of Ether as the avariced to a chest of gold.

Name: Thanos Sanguine
Age: 24
Height: 6' Weight: 190 lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown
Build: Light/Athletic
Thanos has spent years honing his skill with the sword. A believer that those who have strength have no need of fear. He has persisted in developing his martial skills since a young age when his father, a humble farmer was killed by a group of bandits. His mother was captured and not seen from again. Thanos was raised within a temple revering a war god. His education, training and understanding of life around him has been formed from this clergy.

He prizes strength, honor, skill and loyalty over all things. He loathes tyranny, corruption and criminal malice. A lover of nature despite his city upraising, Thanos is most at comfort on the road or in the wilderness where he spends his time seeking out bandits to destroy and punish for their evils.
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10-06-2014, 17:51, (This post was last modified: 14-06-2014, 22:38 by Aerovyn.)
RE: Your character in GV?
[Image: 287c3b1f-dcff-458b-a14d-2dbab2f704c4_zps99bb8300.png]

Ismir gal
Ysra Skullsplitter will likely be one of my gals, she's a long time Skyrim character of mine that the hubby and I evolved into DnD campaigns. I will have to find out more on the games background as it comes out to meld her story to fit the game, but you can get a good grasp of her just in this visual, lol.

And my Midlander gal (or other faction will have to see where she fits)

[Image: bf181387-bf3e-40fa-9528-7baa20eda143_zps8c7e3d7e.png]

If only the hubby wouldn't freak if I got a mohawk, hehe.
"Pretend that there is a witty quote about life, love, and gaming inserted here."
03-08-2014, 01:53,
RE: Your character in GV?
I have always like playing a young Sellsword who's past is his own and no one can every tell what or who he might care for in his life. It makes it interesting and opens up all kinds of choices on how you Roleplay.

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