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Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
25-07-2012, 11:06,
Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
So guys, what is your favorite TV show right now? Or maybe some cliffhanger just made you bite your desk? Share Smile

For me, a few cliffhangers this year made me chew on my cat's tail. Dexter and BBC Sherlock would probably be the most chew-worthy!
27-08-2012, 05:36,
RE: Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
i love movie, not TV.
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07-09-2012, 14:14,
RE: Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
I like Discovery Science shows
17-07-2013, 05:05,
Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
Breaking Bad no doubt, and I've seen WAY to many tv shows
17-07-2013, 12:17,
RE: Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
Biggest Cliffhangers I experienced where in Lost. Luckily I started it years after everybody else did so I could watch nearly the whole series in a couple of weeks. So cliffhangers wouldn't kill me Big Grin

DragonballZ did have some fair amount of Cliffhangers all the time but frankly they sucked... some episodes were just a waste of time. I remember when Freezer was about to blow up Namek he constantly reminded Goku how much time he had left to stop him... so 10 minutes in the series were stretched to 5 episodes :/\
29-08-2013, 11:55,
RE: Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
Game of thrones , Spartacus(they fucked it up the last season,kinda), Da Vincis Demons
I personally dont like manga but i promise every mmorpg fan would like "Sword Art Online"
Its about the first VR(virtual reality)MMORPG and some interesting things happen but im not going to spoil it for you
05-09-2013, 14:03,
RE: Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
I'm a huge Dexter fan, GoT, and Breaking Bad. I also watched Sparticus which was only good with the original actor. After that it sucked hard.

Dexter is getting far too ridiculous for me! The end of the last season was so stupid. The season at present is great, but I hate these new random stoppages in the middle of seasons they do. Was raging it wasn't on this week.

Vikings is awesome too, I'm excited about it after the first season.

New season of Ultimate Fighter started last night as well! That's the only reality TV I will watch! I do love MTV Scare aTactics though! Nothing funnier than someone about to crap their pants!
[Image: ALL_YOUR_BASE_Signature_Forum.jpg]
10-02-2014, 22:19,
RE: Favorite show, worst cliffhanger?
I like laugh with Geordie Shore, Warsaw Shore and rest... and you?

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