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Tales from Stoneholm
10-03-2015, 23:50,
Tales from Stoneholm
I invite the players from both factions to write interesting or curious stories of their game experience. Battles, hunting, strange encounters...everything that could be interesting for a good story. You can fictionalize your story, not a problem, that's what i'm going to do; the important thing is that the core of your story stay true to the real events.

So, sit down by the fire, call the tavern keeper for a beer, and enjoy this moment Big Grin

And here we go, i'll start with an event happened some months ago, in august 2014.
Forgive me if i'm a bad storyteller, and sorry for some grammatical error Tongue

"It was a cloudy summer day, a day of blood, like the past ones. For days the skirmishes between the Ismirs and the Midlanders went on, with a lot of deads and wounded on both sides.
The eastern mine was one of the places involved in the fights, and a little group of Ismir warriors was patrolling the area. Tired and thirsty, they sit down for a moment under a group of trees.
Suddenly someone say "Midlanders": and there they are, landing on the beach with some crappy rowboats. Sure not a fair fight: the ismirs were greatly outnumbered, but surely they were not lacking in training, courage and sharp axes. Some of the Midlanders were already landed, while others were dragging the boats on the beach. They look each other for a moment, and then, without no one said anything, they run out in the open field, taking the midlanders by surprise. It was a fast and brutal clash, the Ismirs fought bravely, but they had no chance against the enemy. They all died, and even many midlanders layed on the field. But that bloodshed was not vain, because the few Midlanders survivors turn the boats, and came back to hide in Dunfen".

Here the normal, and short, version: That day me, and other 3 members of the clan Candlekeep, were fighting against the midlanders (what a surprise Cool ). after they took the western flag, we move from our town, knowing that they were surely going to take the eastern mine. We just pass the mine, when someone (can't remember exactly who) saw the midlanders landing on the beach (about 8 midlanders). With no tactic, we just run against them. Nobody of us survived, but the two midlander survivors didn't tried to take the flag, and just returned to their castle. Sweet when you see midlanders run away Heart

So guys, anyone have something interesting to tell?
Me: Oh, you kill them too fast...
Wodin: Here comes the psychopath again
11-03-2015, 00:06,
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
sadly my days consist of peeling pines and crafting steel rings, in about 1 week i might do somethign different when my armorcrafting reaches a high enough level >_<
14-03-2015, 14:38,
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
Nice story, Defiance.
14-03-2015, 21:01,
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
(10-03-2015, 23:50)Defiance_ITA Wrote: Sweet when you see midlanders run away Heart

The first things that popped into my head...
[Image: run-away_monty-python.png]
You shall not spam!
14-03-2015, 21:10,
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
Vylqun: i'll wait for one of your stories Wink

Jet: I have few more, need just the time to write them (yes, i could write them as they happened, but i like to fictionalize, and give some emphasis to the events, and that takes time, at least for me Shy )

Ramyr: Those faces ... muhahaaha Big Grin
Me: Oh, you kill them too fast...
Wodin: Here comes the psychopath again
14-03-2015, 23:04, (This post was last modified: 14-03-2015, 23:17 by karnage.)
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
Here I sit beneath the Ismir banner, flying proudly above the Keep, as i do most days half asleep.
When just as i started to fall into a deep slumber, the lookouts started to blow their horns warning we Ismir that an attack on our keep was in progress. Without thought, without care of the oppositions numbers. We proud Ismir from the Vikings clan with our brothers from clan Ragnarok jumped to our feet ready to defend our keep. Tho we only were Five from this threat we would not hide.

The order came to defend the bridge for the Midlanders were coming from over the ridge. We took position at our end of bridge as they took cover on the far end. Arrows flew through the air sparks filled the sky as some arrows clashed in the middle. We sent forth our most heavily armored men to push the fight to them, they number at least seven it was hard to count in the bedlam.
The Midlanders not wanting to be upstaged did the same.

The air filled with the sounds of war as swords met shields and arrows pierced flesh. Men roared loud with war cries for Dunfen and for the honor of Mereley. The battle raged on, severed limbs lay squirming on the ground as if trying to continue the fight. The bridge covered as if painted red with blood.

We who were five, now but three, near the end of our strength and half dead, stood over the bodies of our enemies and our friends as the last of the invaders tried to escape. We drew our bows back with the last of our power and took aim at the last of our foes near out of range, we all three released nearly simultaneously our shots. The air around us seemed to stop as did everything else no sounds were heard but that of the arrows humming through the air. Then in the distance the figure that was our enemy let lose a cry of pain and fell to his knees.

We watched our foe for what seemed an eternity waiting for him to fall to his side in death.
not wanting to delay any longer we set out towards him to finish the deed. When in the distance we hear horns blown from the lookout near the western mine.

Our hearts pounding with renewed strength, we begin sprinting towards the man on his knees for he was on the way to the western mine, we struck the man with our blades as we passed by not even affording the warrior a backwards glance. We raced towards the mine each clamming he would be the first to draw the blood of whoever was foolish enough to invade our mine.

We the mighty warriors of the Vikings and the Ragnarok clans will never rest when our nation is put to the test !!
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14-03-2015, 23:26,
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
Oh really nice Karnage Smile
Me: Oh, you kill them too fast...
Wodin: Here comes the psychopath again
06-04-2015, 14:58, (This post was last modified: 06-04-2015, 15:19 by socomical0.)
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
And so the last of the barbarian warriors fell to their deaths hardly a fight, hardly a sound among those still waiting in their homes back in town... the beacon of faith, the very keep of the original faith order had fallen to those... southerners.

This my friends is a mighty tale of great and terrible deeds, sacrifice and a never ending battle with spell check. Seriously why do you insist on spelling it color or armor or whatever on with the tale.

The grizzled veteran soldiers gathered in the town square to discuss the situation and examine the conflicting reports from the keep. "That's a lot of mids in there we dont have enough to take them" exclaimed one of the warriors "meh, thier mostly weak peasants maybe well equipped but no experienced more than a week of fighting" replied another. This chat went nowhere until one of the larger and more reverent among them proclaimed "Thorgal smash!" and in that way it was decided an army would be gathered and the fort retaken.

The recruitment was fast, promises of loot, fame and a break from peeling logs and refilling buckets all day was obviously well received by the public as many signed on. A look at so many warriors of the north would easily frighten the pants off a mid but to a warrior of Ismir this was a sad sight. "Even an Ismir infant has an axe of better quality than this mob of peelers!" was the sort of thing discussed between the regular serving fighters and indeed it twas not far from the truth of the matter.

After hastily handing out of anything they could spare from massive two handed axes of the black guard to leather shoulder guards the force still looked just as ragged. There was not enough to go around a group of four let alone the mass militia assembled but this was it. The warband set out hastily they knew the men would tire quickly and easily and so they made quick headway to the fort but other forces were at work. In the early morn before the sun shone upon the land the warband made its way past the mining complex of the east into a shadowy natural canyon on the coast of Stoneholm.

Shock and silence fell amongst the ranks... there was no resistance expected from the mids but yet there lied a large ambush group ready to thin the ranks of the warband. "Throgal smash!" the reverant warrior proclaimed and the charge sounded on that note... but where were the smaller regulars, had they truly run in the face of battle shame would be truly thiers. The warband drew closer the warcries louder until the mids turned the other way seemingly running away.

The regulars moved thier way through the shallow waters occasionally slipping however in no time they had gotten behind the mids "we will get them from behind and stop thier rout" one said to another "I will have the shiny pants" replied the other, the tearing of poor condition in his flax pants apparent. Then *&%@ the mids turned around there were many the regulars were forced to hold ground knowing that they would be killed surely they prepared themselves for Valhalla. "Thorgal smash!" echoed as the Ismir crashed in behind the mid force followed by merciless waves of militia carving down any mid who could not swim to safety (which was most because mids cant swim.)

The skirmish was a huge boost for the warband, new an shiny swords, axes and armors at their disposal the peelers rejoiced knowing this was a great victory even in the background a weeping joy could be heard as an Ismir joyously donned a set of new, shiny pants. "Thorgal smash" could be heard grunted with an affirming "yes Thorgal, Thorgal smashed" to assure the great warrior. Work was needed no council had to be formed to discuss this off to the fort they went unhindered. (except crossing a bridge when 4 people were mysteriously thrown from a bridge perhaps the Valkyries were late, seriously do your job woman!)

The Ismir warriors looked on at the fort perverted and twisted by the influence of the mids from the forest as the veterans gathered again. "the scouts say theres alot in there" spoke one in a hushed voice "we will have to think the over" replied another as they set to the task of putting a plan together. As all great plans go theres one simple truth... nobody cares so on rushed the militia without the veteran warriors and regulars as the regulars joined battle it was a bloody and brutal battle on both sides but in the end Thorgal indeed did get smashed and it was a sad day for all Ismir.

But it wasnt to sad because they regrouped smashed the fort and all the mids went screaming into the ocean aside from a few indivual fighting there was little resistance and the Ismir got it back. The peelers went back to peeling the warriors went err... warring and the mids drowned because everyone knows they cant swim so in the end nothing actually important happened as a result since it just made things back the way they were BUT there was one regular who had a shiny new set of pants...

I would love to include more characters in any such future incoherent babble however theres no real point until you get a catchy identifiable phrase or such seriously pick up your game Kotoo catch phrases are the big thing now Tongue

And the moral of the story is that while the pants may be good temporarily they will eventually need replacing.

This is the short explanation since I'm too lazy to type it well most of it.
For Narnia!!!
19-10-2015, 16:27,
RE: Tales from Stoneholm
i wish i was there for this sorry i missed it
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