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Extremely poor performance on my gaming laptop
13-05-2015, 21:27,
RE: Extremely poor performance on my gaming laptop
I am also having poor performance with a lot of random drops in FPS.
For info to the devs, here is my DX Dump.

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.txt   DxDiag.txt (Size: 67.72 KB / Downloads: 3)
16-05-2015, 20:13, (This post was last modified: 16-05-2015, 20:16 by skesoul.)
RE: Extremely poor performance on my gaming laptop
Here is some TIPS for getting more FPS.

1. Find "power settings" on your pc / type it in start menu or navigate via control panel.
Change the power plan to High Performance Mode, it may be hidden click to drop down. This is very important for lap top users.

2. Nvidia Users add the game to your Nvidia Card and then Force the gfx card to run the GPU
Do this by right click desktop Nvidia control panel> 3d settings> Configure Surround/physX Then change from Auto to your GPU gfxcard.

3. This is a weird one but it actually worked for me, Increase your in game FOV to the max this will load more things onto your screen at any given time thus when you turn your mouse there is less stutter loads.

4. Cap the FPS in the options, I can easy get over 60 FPS untill I get the stutter but what I find is that if I just cap it at 60 then it runs smoother (try user a lower cap if low end pc).

5. I would disable the in game AntiAliasing and force it via Nvidia or use Nvidia inspecter to force the FXAA.

6. Then there is the complete obvious turn down some other settings, I find that the Sun options can decrease performance a lot, shadows are not so bad even on medium I use and its fine. Ambient Occlusions how ever will drop your fps a bit. Also a Defrag helps.

Theres not a lot you can do with the options we have but I would seriously check your power settings if your a laptop user and change to a higher perf mode.

Or wait on unity 5 lol.
24-01-2018, 16:33,
RE: Extremely poor performance on my gaming laptop
(18-04-2015, 18:02)Zak Preston Wrote: Hello!

I have a quite good gaming laptop MSI GX60:
CPU: AMD A10-5750M-ES/QS @ 3.5GHz (overclocked)
GPU: Radeon 7970M 2GB
RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600 2x8
SSD: SanDisk Extreme 256GB
Disp: 15" 1080p
Drivers: Catalyst 15.4 beta, the game is switched to a "performance GPU".
My laptop runs most Unity titles just fine (like Interstellar Marines, The Forest, Stranded Deep), while in Gloria Victis I can't get more than 17-20 FPS with drops to 10-13 FPS on lowest settings in the starting location.

Should I change any options?

Upd: while checking DXDiag results I've noticed an abnormal SWAP-file usage while GV is launched. So I reduced it to a fixed 4GB on my SSD drive and rebooted. This actually helped a lot, improving my FPS from 17-20 to 20-30 FPS in a starting town.

But still there are constant shutters with 10-13 FPS lags. The difference between the highest and lowest settings isn't high (20-30 fps vs 22-40 fps).

I think you don't need to change. And you are using good configuration laptop keep it up.
05-02-2018, 20:32,
RE: Extremely poor performance on my gaming laptop
Really you recomend Acer crap? It's lowest quality para-gaming stuff. Same with MSI, Alienware, HP and so on. 4-6k Euro for the same crappy hardware.

Right now GV requires about 1.8GB of VRAM (medium-high), so maybe 2GB 970 is at it's limit with lower bus speed. Plus 1600-DDR3 RAM is a bit slow these days to play demanding titles.
24-05-2018, 06:01, (This post was last modified: 24-05-2018, 07:12 by Rait.)
RE: Extremely poor performance on my gaming laptop
Im running a Coffe Lake i5, it has 6 real cores and the game still laggs like hell even if i OC to 4.6ghz.
SSD 960 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB on top of it, had some improvement after I moved the game to SSD.
Dnno what to do.

Do steam launch options work on this game?
"-nosplash -cpuCount=6 -maxMem=16000"


Actually uncapping the FPS helped me alot. I had it on 60 and it chopped, but now when unlimited, its very ok.

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