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Statute for web shop content-related products
22-06-2015, 22:41, (This post was last modified: 29-01-2018, 19:10 by bartold.)
Statute for web shop content-related products
Statute for content related products available in a web shop: memorials, names of NPCs and locations and designs of NPCs and locations:
  1. Submit your content via e-mail to
  2. Submitted contents cannot be vulgar or offensive to the other players, nationalities, beliefs etc.
  3. Submitted contents cannot contain advertising materials, promoting any product.
  4. Please submit contents only in English or Polish.
  5. Naming an item - item, its' recipe or both will be added to droptables. If the item will be directly based on another craftable common item, which is currently available in game - so the new item will be unique but won't give any advantage - you could receive 1 copy of the recipe for yourself.
  6. Content must fit the game's lore and be accepted by the story department of the team.
  7. Team is allowed to modify content if it breaks the rules or don't fit the game's lore.
  8. Team is allowed to make the final decision about accepting the content. In case of uncertainity if the content would be accepted by a team, please contact us at
PR Manager, Designer

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