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[Character] Kiera
21-07-2015, 22:01, (This post was last modified: 02-08-2015, 20:11 by Kiera.)
[Character] Kiera
Name: Keira O'Faolin
Gender: Female
Age: Young,15ish
Race: Ishmir
Social Class: poor

Combat Preference: Daggers, short sword
Occupation: Mercenary, thief

Appearance: stands about 5'9, long wavy strawberry hair, green eyes
Gear and Possessions: she travels light with just her leather armour, bed roll, and a book.

Personality: Slow to trust, quite but has an impish and snarky streak.
Strengths: Cleverness
Weaknesses: Young, her mouth often leads her into more trouble than she can handle
Religious beliefs: neutral, it's not that she has no faith, just that she doesn't think about it one way or another.
Goals and Motivations: Vengeance.

History: Raised by a mercenary who unbeknownst to her killed her mother, while father was away fighting, brother was fostered in a monastery for training, all she really knows is she was found alone in the woods. More can be found in "shadowed heart"
Loyalties and Allegiances: currently her only loyalty is to her foster father and her recently found brother however that's more principle based than anything at the moment.


Kiera’s mother was watching her like a hawk from the back step of their house. Her daughter was playing far closer to the woods than she would have liked, but she was content to sit here watching her play and listening to the sounds of the birds. Her husband was away fighting a battle for the Jarl. He was a "War Sworn", one of the Jarl finest dróttin, which meant he was often called away to lead the War Bands. That was how they met, for she would often tend to the wounds of the warriors. He was gravely injured and she often found herself reading to him after she helped him drink some broth.

One night while the fever had him in its grips, he mistook her for his recently dead wife and begged her to care for their son and his estate. As he got better, he started courting her and it didn’t take long for her to conceive a child. They married quickly and she tried to convince her husband to bring his son Ramyr home to live them but the pregnancy took its toll on her. She almost lost Kiera several times during her pregnancy. Her husband, Svartr, was convinced Ramyr had a different path to follow. For Svartr, training his son to become a "War Sworn" took up most of his time, but it didn’t keep her from championing the idea between their frequent visits.

A sound behind the house brought her back out of her thoughts. She looked at her daughter to be sure she was still playing and was fine, then got up to go investigate. As she rounded the corner of the house, an arm grabbed her by the waist and she felt cold steel against her throat.
"Please, spare us," she whispered. Her captor didn’t think much about her words as he replied without feeling,
"I am, many would have their way with you before they killed you." His blade slid easily across her throat, like a knife through melted butter. She slumped softly to the ground. He always hated killing women, but he would for the right price. He wanted to clean his blade properly, but all he could do for now was swipe the flat of the blade across his thigh as he wanted to look around the estate and see if there was anything worth taking before anyone else might appear.

He was making his way toward the front of the house when a high-pitched cry of delight stopped him in his tracks. He turned and saw a wisp of a girl toddling after a butterfly. She couldn’t have been more than two or three. Now he understood the woman’s plea. She had been concerned for her daughter.
"God’s teeth," he swore. Killing a child was the one line he would never cross. He thought to himself,
"I can’t just drop her off in town, someone might know her." He also considered that he could just leave her here, but that would be the same as a death sentence. As he worked out his plan of action, he continued to watch her. A wave of loneliness suddenly struck him out of the blue and he was tempted to take her home. He would still need to avoid going into town.
"What in the world am I going to do with a child?" he
Wondered. He continued swearing under his breath for several minutes as callous hands rubbed his hard eyes. The cook could help raise her, and she would not be seen in his remote hideaway. The thought rolled around his mind as he considered the idea. With a slight nod, he decided to do it. He walked over to collect the child and then searched the house for the things she would need.

He easily found the nursery and began to fill a knapsack with all manners of clothes a few toys. He paused as he saw a well-read book, which he proceeded to pick up and open. Inside was scrawled a message "Kiera, inside every book is a wealth of power. For books hold both knowledge and ideas. Take from them as much as you can, it will only serve you well in life." After reading the passage he tucked the book in with the rest, then left with the child for the long journey home.

Chapter 1.

Kiera quickly gathered the eggs and tended to the chickens in the early light of dawn. The crisp air raised goose bumps on her pale skin as she brought them fresh water and scraps of vegetables from last night’s dinner. Vivian, the cook would be growing impatient soon, but it didn’t matter to Kiera, her father would be home today and he promised to start her training seriously now that she was nine. Kiera thought she was already good at blending into her surroundings and not be seen thanks largely to the game of hide and seek and her father’s patient guidance.

She was a petite girl’s emerald green eyes and long wavy strawberry locks that fell softly, just below her shoulder blades but she usually kept it tied back. Once the tasks were done Kiera made her way from the pens across the damp grass from the morning dew and into the kitchen through the back door, sure enough Vivian was there with her normal frown.
"Well, it’s about time you finished gathering the eggs, what was it that was so difficult that it took you so long?"
Kiera kept her eye’s to the wooden floor as she replied. ”Nothing, I hurried as fast as I could." Kiera placed the basket of eggs on the counter.
"Whatever your father was thinking bringing you here I will never know, this is no place for a girl, especially one who is as worthless as you." Vivian said with venom.
"He should have left you in whatever God forsaken place he found you." Kiera has always known her father wasn’t her real father that he had found her wandering the woods alone, but still she wanted to strike back at the women. Having been though many beatings in the past for just such a thing found the cold calmness that shields her from most of the sting the words caused and remained silent but her emerald eyes flashed with the rebellion she felt. This was nothing new, the only time Vivian was half way pleasant to be around was when her father was around.

He was a hard man and lived the life of rouge but, he has always doted on Kiera. Why Vivian hated her so much Kiera didn’t know, it wasn’t her fault father left so much. Kiera knew he had to go to earn money to continue their care, but, In Kiera’s mind, she was old enough to look after herself and could probably manage it better if she was doing so.
She knew how to cook and clean as well as all other tasks to keep the house running smoothly granted, it was Vivian, who taught her, but still, the point remained and it wasn’t like she went out looking for trouble even if it did manage to find her at times. Like a few weeks ago, Johan, a boy who lived nearby and just a year older than her tried to kiss her. Kiera did what any girl would, she shoved him away.... it wasn’t her fault he tripped and fell into the river nearly drowneding. He would have to if it wasn’t for Faelin’s quick reflexes, he dove into the river pulling Johan out.

Although it didn’t save Kiera from Vivian’s wrath, she still had the fading bruises on her face, arms and back. Faelin always did what he could for her, sneaking bits of food and water though her window once Vivian fell asleep at night. Kiera was grateful, but she always worried about him getting caught. She loved him, and had the youthful dreams of marrying him someday when they were older.

"Well, donna just stand there girl, this house isn’t going to clean its self, why don’t you start with the dusting, make sure to take out the old musky rushes and once the floors are clean lay the new ones so there is a pleasant sweet smell for your father." Kiera briefly thought about breakfast but, could see once again there wouldn’t be any this morning so she pushed the thought away and began the tasks she was given.

Their home was not overly large but, it suited their needs, it was two stories with three bedrooms. Down stairs offered a nice little kitchen and dining room, the living room which was simply decorated. As well as a few small closets. The upper level held the bedrooms, Kiera’s room looked like it was an afterthought add on and truth be told it probably was but she didn’t care it was her own haven. Kiera had dyed the fabrics a very dark shade of purple so it looked almost black, the furnishings were all a rich cherry wood and her walls were lined with books. Kiera loved to read and father often would bring her a new one when he returned home.

Kiera finished her chores as fast as she could and slipped out the door before Vivian noticed. She walked the old narrow path that lead to a thick grove of snow covered trees it was over grown. The snow banks grew deeper but it didn't bother her much. She continued on to the jaded out cropping in the phantom-white mountains. She could hear the birds chirping and the warm rays of the sun on her skin between the trees. On her waist were the small throwing daggers her father had commissioned to be made for her, Kiera loved her daggers they fit her hand well and the handle held a few decorative gems mixed in with the dark metal, she wasn't sure what it was made from but father said it would reduce light from reflecting off of them, he said he almost didn't get the gems for that reason but then decided they needed a touch of embellishment.
Kiera came down to this stream almost daily to practice throwing her blades this was one of the few places she could find peace and the cool water when she would swim always made her feel better. Keira heard the snap of a twig from the woods; knowing the many dangers from not just the wildlife, but from outsiders of their small valley. Kiera readied her knife and crept into the underbrush as quietly as possible, praying her prints in the snow didn't give her away, ducking low so that she would not be seen. She listened closely to the sounds of the woods; the birds stopped their cheerful songs. Every now and then the sounds of snow crunching could be heard. Marking the location of whatever was out there. Kiera closed her eyes to better concentrate on her surroundings. Three short, one long whistles cut through the air, startling Kiera the same time it relieved her. A thin smile spreads across her lips because the call signaled it was either Johan or Faelin and judging by the pitch it was Faelin. Kiera slipped out of the brush as she returned the whistle.

A short time later Faelin appeared tossing her an Apple. Keira caught with a grateful smile.
“You haven't eaten yet, have you?" Faelin asked knowingly. Kiera shook her head as she ate and shrugged. Sighing Faelin shook his head and slipped the bow from his back.
"Get a small fire going then? I'll see if I can't find a rabbit or two... your father is due home today, yes?"
"Aye that he is." Kiera responded with a nod.
"Good." Faelin set off for the hunt and Keira began gathering some firewood and tinder. The woods were plentiful with fallen branches and twigs and building a fire to cook something wasn’t anything new to Keira and her friend's, there were many times they would hunt or fish in the stream and cook their bounty. It took her a while, but she finally managed to get the fire going. Once she did Keira sat by the fire and poked at it here and there with a stick as she waited for Faelin’s return. Kiera lost track of time as she stared off into the fire until she felt a blade to her back. Keira resisted the reflex of jerking, kept her breathing even as fought for the cold calm.
"What do you want?" Kiera asked calmly Johan's voice helped to bring the calm she was struggling to maintain.
"Just knowing that I could have bested you if I so wanted is enough... for now." Johan said mockingly.
Kiera rolled her eyes. Ever since she pushed him in that frozenbstream Johan has been difficult to be around.
"Again, what do you want Johan."
"Who says I want anything? I just thought I would see what you all were up to." Johan moves to sit across from her on the other side of the fire. "Where's Faelin?"
"He went to hunt lunch for us, should be back anytime now." She said evenly."
“I’m here.” Faelin said as he walked up with two fat rabbits already gutted and ready for the spit. Faelin and Johan ran the stick though the rabbits and got them on the fire to roast. The three of them spent the rest of the mid-morning and well into the afternoon eating, then visiting, laughing, and training.

A shadow stepped out into the open area where Kiera and her friends were messing around. They were too caught up in playing that they didn’t notice his approach right away. Kiera caught the movement from the corner of her eye. Her slender hand instantly went to her blades as she pivoted around. Her face lit up as she sees her father.
"Father, welcome home. How was your travels? Did you see any new and wonderful lands?" Kiera asked firing one excited question after the other. Her father laughs as he starts to answer, but stops as he sees the fading bruise on her cheek.
"What happened?" His tone lost whatever playful note that it might have had as he studied her closely. Kiera looks away, letting her long black hair fall over her face.
"Tis nothing Father. I made a mistake and was punished." Kiera replied solemnly.
"I see and what was it you had done?" Her father asked.
Johan stepped forward. "It wasn’t her fault. I um tried to kiss her and she shoved me away." Johan’s face turned crimson but he continued on anyways. "I tripped over a root as I stepped back to keep my balance and fell into the stream." Johan nodded towards Faelin. “Faelin had to come drag me out as I’m still not that good at swimming."
Kiera’s father looked between the three of them. "Well you all seem to be well enough. I take it you suffered no ill effects from your ... dunk?"
"No Sir, I caught a bit of a cold from it but I’m well now. Thank you." Johan said.
"I see... if you were sick afterword’s, just how long ago did all this happen?" Kiera shot both boys a glare and shook her head slightly at them. The boys looked between Kiera and her father clearly uncomfortable. Faelin shot Kiera a look with pleading in his eyes, then squared his shoulders and stepped forward.
"It was well over a month ago Sir. Vivian was harsh with her; if I may say so. In fact, Vivian is usually a hag towards Kiera when you’re away. There are many times if Johan and I don’t hunt or fish, then Kiera doesn’t eat."
Kiera’s father stilled even more at this news. His rage was barely contained as he stood there fighting for control. When Kiera’s father did gain control he turned to look at her. "Let’s go." He said simply as he turned and started back to their home.

"I’m sorry father." Kiera said softly.
"Kiera... the fault is not yours to bear. The fault is Vivian’s for her actions, and mine for not seeing it before now. But rest assured as we will remedy the situation quickly. And I am sorry that you could not remain a child for a while longer."
"What do you mean father?" Kiera asked.
He looked down at the girl he raised as his own and come to love so dear. "You will understand shortly." They continued back up the path, both quit in their thoughts as they walked. Before they reached the house Kiera’s father stopped near a boulder.
"Kiera have seat for a moment, I want to talk to you before we get home. I told you we would start your training when I returned and so it begins. One of the biggest lessons I can give you is the advice to give your trust slowly and only to a select few. It is inevitable that someone will betray you it could be a small betrayal or it could be your life."
He lets her think about that for a few moments before he continues. "The next point ties heavily into the last. Never depend on anyone but yourself. If you do then you’re just asking for betrayal or let down. Say your friend’s Johan and Faelin both became sick after their... swim.”
He struggled to hide the grin at the thought of this tiny girl pushing the boy into the stream.
"What then would you have done for food? Would you have hunted yourself or would you have gone without?"
Kiera looked down embarrassed "I would have and have gone without."
Her father nodded his head. "Would it not have been wiser to ask them to teach you so that when you had need you could have provided for yourself? I know most of the blame falls at my feet. I hoped to let you be a child and so I haven’t taught or prepared you much for the life I lead, and I trusted another for your care when I’m away. But perhaps it’s served its purpose because it has shown you some of the ugly side of life. However it is going to get uglier from here out, a lot uglier, you think you’re ready for that?" Kiera contemplates what her father has said before responding.
"One can only speculate what or how they will react to any given situation. Oftentimes a person can say they would do this or that but when faced with the choices do something completely different. I cannot say I am ready but I would like to find out."
Her father regards Kiera. For such a wild and carefree spirit she surprises him with her wisdom more often than he cared to admit. "Then let us continue on to the house, I can’t ask any more than what you have said." When they entered the house Vivian greeted her lord brightly. "Sir, your home. Sit, sit, and I will get you some hot stew."
She cast a slight glare at Kiera before she turned to the kitchen. Before she made it two steps Kiera’s father was on her, he grabbed the women by the hair with his left hand and roughly yanked her back towards him his right arm snakes around her waist holding her still. His voice was hard and cold as he spoke.

"You worthless women. You were entrusted to care for Kiera when I had to be gone and instead she had to endure years of your abuse and neglect."
Kiera was taken back not by the violence, but the fact her father could go from warm and caring to absolute coldness. She expected rage towards Vivian but she didn’t detect even that from him. She stood there frozen in place as she waited to see what he would do to her. Vivian was so shocked and frightened she didn’t dare speak.
"Kiera unsheathe your dagger and come around to my elbow." He said firmly. The realization must have dawned on Kiera and Vivian at the same time as she began pleading, but Kiera couldn’t hear the words though the sound of blood pumping in her ears. Little games between her and her friends seemed like one thing but something told her this was no game and her father wasn’t just trying to frighten Vivian. Kiera somehow made her feet move and it seemed to take ages just to make it the short distance, but she did find herself where her father directed.
"Now. Bring your arm with the dagger between her and me, and around her neck." Kiera complied with shaky hands and she might have nicked her father, but he made no noise to confirm such. Only her father’s voice seemed to make it through the fog that seemed to settle in her mind.

"Now add the pressure you would for skinning a rabbit and slid it across her throat." Again Kiera compiled, she watches as Vivian fell to the ground, it took her a moment to realize there had been screaming but it had gone silent. Part of Kiera was in shock that her father just had her kill someone but, another part of her felt satisfaction over being the one to kill Vivian.
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RE: [Character] Kiera
Now that is what I call a detailed character sheet! You should join the role players Smile (link in my signature if you are interested)
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31-07-2015, 00:46,
RE: [Character] Kiera
Thank you. Although I have to admit Kiera's story has been many years in the making, as evolves to fit what ever "realm" she finds herself in. As far as the role playing forum are concerned, it's one of the first things I've done but didn't appear to be currently active.
31-07-2015, 13:52,
RE: [Character] Kiera
It is kinda dead atm yes Sad I check the site every now and then in the hope of a new post Tongue
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31-07-2015, 17:47,
RE: [Character] Kiera
Haha alright you twisted my arm, I'll give it some thought and see if I can't come up with something and see about getting activity back up.
02-08-2015, 20:12,
RE: [Character] Kiera
Chapter 2

After that day, the two of them spent the next year at home. Kiera now 10 winters took on the responsibility for cooking and cleaning as well as her training. She didn’t have as much time for sneaking off to the woods with her friends, but they would come over daily and aid in her training as well as learn something themselves., They constructed wooden dummies and she learned the proper techniques of where and how to strike, to ensure a quick death and even ways to prolong it but father didn’t go too much into that and said he would teach more about that topic when she was older and ready. She learned how to handle several different kinds of weapons, father said she would in time find what she was most comfortable using but for now it’s always a good idea to at least be proficient with everything because you never know when you will need the knowledge as you never know what might come in handy. Even if you don’t have the skill or talent for it, having an understanding could help.

He would always finish each lesson with some tidbit of wisdom such as “Be quiet as night itself, and the last thing they shall see, is a flash of silver, before all goes black!" And she always took his words to heart spending the rest of the night contemplating them.
When the time came and her father had to start traveling again the trips were always much shorter than in the past. Usually just a few days to a fortnight at most. During one of these trips Faelin and Johan decided they wanted to spend the day in town, Kiera didn’t have lessons that evening so she quickly agreed providing they waited for her to finish the choirs before making the trip. Since Vivian was gone, it was up Kiera to pick up any supplies in town that was needed as well.

During one of these trips Faelin and Johan decided they wanted to spend the day in town, Keira didn’t have lessons that evening so she quickly agreed providing they waited for her before making the trip home. Since Vivian was gone, it was up Keira to pick up any supplies that was needed as well. While they wandered around from shop to shop they met up with a few local kids. Before long they began telling tales of Bandits that have started plaguing the town. It didn’t take long for the group to decide to find and take on a few of these bandits.

The group made their way to a small shack outside of town and Keira questioned if this was a good idea or not, there were a lot more bandits holed up here than she had expected, but still they would see this though. As soon as they were spotted the fight was on. As they made their way around the shack. There were times she wasn't even sure where they were coming from, only that as she killed one, two more would take its place. Eventually they had cleared the area band started to depart when Faelin realized he had dropped one of his daggers and had to go back for it.

Everyone waited patiently except for Johan, who started snickering and making jokes about it with these folks who were not a part of their inner circle. Kiera’s jaw clenched as she listened silently. When Faelin returned, they all started to depart. Keira hung back walking much slower than the rest catching Johan’s eye as everyone else went on. Johan walked over to her wondering what was up. When he was close Keira dropped and rolled, coming up behind him as she drew her dagger bringing it to his neck.
Her voice hard like her father's holding no hint of emotions as she says
"It is one thing to joke and such when we are with each other, but if you ever make Faelin, or make any of us look like a fool in front of others again I will kill you myself." She brought her dagger down careful not to cut him. She steps back, but stays ready for any retaliation.
"I was just messing around" the whine in Johan’s voice clearly evident.
"No, you betrayed one of us, for what a cheap laugh?" Keira turns in anger and walks off catching up with the others. Her father’s words about trusting few because of small and large betrayals ringing in her ears.

News of their exploits circled the town, the kids, they had met up with wasted no time going around and bragging to any who would pay them mind. When Keira's father stopped in that very town a few days later the story had grown as story's often do, but he was surprised to find out his daughter and her friends aided by a couple other children beat back a entire band of bandits that has been causing trouble for the town and it was only by chance they all were playing and seen them coming.
He knew there was a much simpler explanation and he would get the truth from his wayward daughter when he got home. If she's out fighting while he's gone, then he supposed it was time to start taking her with him on his own exploits. This way he could travel a bit farther out as well and stop taking only the contracts that were close to home.

Keira spent the following year and a half traveling with her father and learning the finer points of his trade and she found she was a quick study and it didn't take long before she and her father began working in tandem. There were many times she would start taking the lead in the missions but her father was always right there should something go wrong and there were times it did but, they were getting fewer and fewer as she learned from her mistakes However she knew she still had much to learn. Faelin and Johan both had started their training to be warriors from what she understands they both were excelling in their studies. And time just trickled by before they knew it another two years passed by.

The sky was awash in the vibrant colors of the rising sun reflected off the snow as Kiera crept silently into the fringed lake. The grime from the night washed away quickly and she was immediately refreshed. Yet disappointment crossed her face as she called to mind that this was not the time to tarry. Knowing her father would awaken soon, her morning ablutions must be kept short. Her stomach fluttered with the thought she would see Faelin today.

It was her twelfth birthday today and they were going to spend some much needed time at home. Stoking the night’s embers back to life, she begins preparing a simple breakfast: fresh eggs she managed to find earlier and some dried meat from their supplies. The sound of rustling turns her head, and her green eyes begin to sparkle.
"Good marrow father," she calls out. He nods her way acknowledging her words as he readies himself for the day after he had finished, he wandered over and takes the plate she offers him, and they eat in silence. After they had broken their fast. Kiera and her father continued the last stretch of the journey uneventful.
When they reached the house Kiera was surprised to see Johan waiting for them.
"Johan what has you sitting here waiting for our return?" Johan looks forlornly at Kiera.
"I didn’t want you to hear the news from anyone else." Kiera’s heart stopped and air was getting harder to find, she knew something was wrong immediately.’
“Johan, tell me he will be alright Tell me he was just injured." Johan looked down, but not before Kiera had seen the tear slid down his cheek.’ “He...He was out on patrols when he was ambushed by a group of midlanders... His Warband leader was gravely wounded, but Faelin didn’t make it."
Kiera stood their numb as Johan’s words echoed in her mind, she vaguely felt someone embrace her before she pushed them away. Tears streamed down her face as she turned and ran to their place by the stream, everything around her just a blur. She didn’t know how long she cried, but eventually her tears dried, the coldness that always protected her from Vivian’s harsh words settled on her and she knew she would find the ones responsible for Faelin’s death and she would enjoy killing them slowly.
Several weeks passed before she would talk to anyone, she had missed Faelin’s funeral pyre but, she went to the clearing they so often spent their afternoons and would sit at it all day until one day until she assumed twas her father carried her home.

She was their again when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder, she didn’t bother to look up and was surprised when she heard Faelin’s father speak.
"He would not have wanted you to mourn him this way, Faelin… well, he only ever wanted your happiness. It is why he would sneak out some nights with whatever food he was able to hide away from his mother... yes I know about all those times. I just choose not to interfere with a young man providing for the girl he meant to someday take as his own." Kiera cried in earnest at the man’s words he held her until her sobs died down then asked his permission to take from this point on the old form of Faelin’s name as her Surname, “Faelin", and meaning "little wolf." And told him she would find who killed Faelin and have vengeance for them both, Faelin’s father agreed. Learning to kill might have matured Kiera but, in the months that followed the death of Faelin hardened her.Gone was the youthful spirit in its place was a cold and calculating young women, Kiera vowed to herself never again allow anyone else to get that close to her.

Kiera’s father decided she was old enough to begin taking her own contracts, and perhaps it would give her something else to think about. Because of her young age, she wouldn’t be given any contracts directly but he had one he felt she could handle one. Ramyr, a boy of about seventeen, raised in a monastery, one he latter apparently betrayed and crossed because that’s who wants him dead.

Kiera tracked Ramyr east to a town. It would have only been a two day trip from her home, but finding out where he went took her much longer than that. Kiera asked some of the towns folk if they had seen him, giving the description she herself was given. It didn’t take long to find out he had gotten a room at the tavern just the day before. Kiera went ahead and bought some fruit and found a nice place in the shade under a large tree to eat as she contemplated how to proceed from here. When Kiera finally decided on a plan she headed to the tavern. Kiera talked to the barkeep and begged for a job and he grudgingly gave her one. She spent the rest of the night cleaning and moving crates in the storeroom, and wiping down tables but it gave her a chance to study the patrons and find her mark.

The next morning Kiera busied herself with general cleaning tasks, sweeping, moping and making sure the tables and chairs were clean for the day, once she finished that she went to the Kitchens and assisted the cook with the morning meal.There wasn’t many patrons due to the early hour, but there were a few who meandered down to break their fast. Kiera was carrying out a plate of roasted ham and eggs with a mug of hot coffee to a patron when her mark entered the room, Kiera about tripped over the house cat that was kept to hunt mice but recovered quickly.

The barkeep had seen her stumble and yelled at her to be careful, and to watch what she was doing. Kiera fumed, but nodded her head silently as an idea came to her. Kiera served two other patrons before Ramyr came up, Kiera waited until she was right up on him before she stumbled, his meal went flying landing in another’s lap, the coffee landing in Ramyr. The patron yelled at the barkeep for hiring incompetent children, the barkeep apologized and promptly smacked Kiera across the face, leaving a bright red welt Kiera almost reached for her daggers but contained herself as she received several more blows, crying out she ducked behind Ramyr purposely landing on the floor and remaining there, as the barkeep landed the final bow on her mark instead of her.

Ramyr who was recovering from the minor burn from the coffee, grabbed the now stuttering barkeep, his voice harsh as he says’ “That’s enough, she’s little more than a child. If you lay one more hand on her you will feel more than just my hand around your neck!" He dropped the barkeep and turned to the girl cowering on the floor, he noted the red of her face and the black eye already forming. "Come along and I’ll get you fixed up...I would recommend seeking new employment afterwards."

Kiera rushed as she followed after him, Ramyr nods to the chair in his room. "Have a seat and I’ll make you a drought to settle your nerves and ease the pain." Kiera nods softly and waits for him to turn. Grabbing her daggers she had carefully tucked into the fold of her older dress, she springs up and lunges for his back. Hearing the chair fall back Ramyr quickly turns, leg sweeps the girl knocking her down. He grabs her slender wrist and twists the dagger from her grasp. Kiera struggles to break free of his hold, but wasn’t getting very far as he hauls her up, dragging her to his pack, with one hand he digs around finding the leather straps he knew was there. He remains silent as he then walks her over, picks up the chair and set's her into it strapping the still fighting girl to it. He then walks over and takes a hefty drink of ale from the bottle he kept in his room question swirl in his mind as he turns back to her.

"You girl are a very good actress, I actually feared for your wellbeing... Who sent you?" Kiera remains silent as she glared at him.
"Look, I might have felt bad for you little actress, but the moment you tried to stab me in the back... Well let’s just say I will have no issue cutting you up slowly to get the information I want. So I will ask again, this time answer, who sent you?" Kiera smirked don’t know how to answer, it’s a matter of opinion really."
Ramyr voice dropped an octave.’ “Then figure out whose opinion will best answer the question."
Kiera shrugged "a priest." She replies simply.
Ramyr, starting to lose his patients asks "what priest?"
Kiera chuckles clearly enjoying taunting him "I don’t know, I didn’t talk to him. In fact before you ask I never even seen him.”
“I see, and who exactly did?" He asks darkly.
Kiera shrugged again.’ “My father.”‘ “Who’s your father then?"
Ramyr growled.´ "A man" Kiera replies trying g hard not to laugh flat out.´
"I’m getting tired of your game’s girl, you better start giving me something before I decide your life isn’t worth the hassle. Who are you? Who is your father? Who sent you and why?"
Kiera grins at him. “My name is Kiera, I don’t know who my father is, my mother either for that matter. The man who raised me sent me because you should have been an easy enough kill for me and would have been if this stupid chair didn’t fall over."
Ramyr stilled, hearing her word’s he knew she said them still being snarky but, Kiera, her name was Kiera...He stared harder at her, she had bright green eyes... the same green eyes, he himself bore. Her words still echoing in his mind "I don’t know who my father is, my mother either for that matter." He stood there silent his mind a whirlwind, as the words kept repeating, the more he studied her the more he believes the jokes on her... His baby sister, the one he and his father lost so long ago, the one he knew his father never stopped looking for between the battles that eventually took his life. The one he vaguely remembered visiting him with his father in the monetary when he was just a boy...One´ thing´ Ramyr did know from talking to his father and seeing his sister when she was a baby, that his Father pointed out is, she, and he have the same birthmark, Ramyr on his toe and Kiera on her left arm close to her armpit both a crescent moon shape.

He remembered his Father pointing out to him his sister had, green eyes, and a fair complexion much like his, which´ by all means could’ve changed from birth until now, but the birthmark stood out the most, that one thing would always remain the same! "Now find the birthmark! Now all he had to do was think´ of a way of confirming this without much problem. He was hit suddenly with an idea! Looking at The girl tied to the chair he walked over to her, she glared at him with poison in her eyes!´ Ramyr looked back at her a deep frown of anger came across his face an act of course.
"You know it’s because of you, you little brat that now I probably don’t have a room and I am supposed to Meet with someone in two days! Imagine that! Getting thrown out of the sleaziest tavern in town, and having to talk to a Jarl who probably already knows I have been kicked out! On top of that, explaining about your antics down there!" He grabbed one of her daggers sitting on his bed, cut her left hand lose, she tried to swing at him, but he caught her arm in midair! Locked his arm around hers, and twisted, then brought her and the chair up over his shoulder and slammed her to the floor knocking the air out´ of her! Splinters from the chair exploding out in all directions, keeping locked, her left arm, and forces her to the ground face first!
She then yelled out at him, "You know you’re going to have to pay for that chair now"

Dropping his knee in her back (but softer than normal´ as to not seriously hurt this child) he held her front side to the ground and face away from him, Looking under her arm he saw it! There it was the defining birthmark he knew his assumptions were right! This was his sister! Maybe she was sent to him purposely to be with family, when someone could no longer take care of her, or trying to protect her? Maybe it was a message from the Priests to show him how close they really were to´ him? All these questions rolled around in his head, He thought it best to keep this known information about he and her, a secret for now, and to protect her as well! If the Priests of the forefathers knew, she would already be dead, and he was sure of that! He pulled her back up´ to her feet, slid the dagger in her sheath,´ walked over to the bed and grabbed the other dagger and tossed it to her, surprised that he just gave her back her weapons, and threw the damn dagger to her!

She sheathed it too, and that’s when the beating started on the door! "You and your little tramp are no longer welcome here! I am going to beat the childhood out of her when I get my hands on her!" Ramyr looked at Kiera, and said "Well looks like you’ll just have to kill me later!" and cracked a smile at her! Then there was a loud banging against the door that of a mace or hammer, they could tell from the splinters coming from the back of the door.
Ramyr looked at Kiera´ and said “I have an idea.” He reached in his pack and pulled out the lavender oil and said give me your arms child, hesitant she offered up her left arm, he took the oil and rubbed it from her wrists´ to her shoulder and did the same to the other arm, then said. “sit on this bed and give me your legs.” she did as asked and he rubbed the oil on both her legs from the top of the boots to the top of her thigh on her armor. He looked at her and said
“I am sure you haven’t smelled as good as you do now, ever in your life!" She rolled her eyes at him but held her tongue.

With a quick nod, Ramyr pulled out his Axe and shattered the door open sending splinters and people flying, slinging Kiera through the´ attacking group of people, they were´ trying to grab her but to no avail slipping and sliding and falling! Ramyr was humored by the whole scene reminded him of a game he played with friends when he was young and got away from the9 oil up a pig and try to catch it! Kiera slipped through the crowd gracefully, then stopped at the bar and took the money from the box, and waited for Ramyr to come down the stairs. Body after body flew down the stairs, and Ramyr finally emerged from the ruckus, he looked at Kiera and motioned to "grab a bottle of ale", which she did, and they headed out onto to the street blending in with many of the people walking around. Ramyr grabbed a sack of wheat and held it on his shoulder to block being identified, snatched a shawl from one of the vendors and dropped a gold piece in the vendors hand. Kiera wrapped the shawl around her and in an instance´ they were invisible by blending in! They then´ looked at each other and laughed!
"Well girl´ you can either come with me, or go your own way" he said with a smile, "but the road I am on is a dangerous one so know that before you make your decision! Kiera´ regarded him, and for a long time she didn’t respond to his question. If she went home she´ would then have to face the shame of failing, however if she chose to travel with him she could get another chance. Kiera handed him the bottle of ale she snatched from the top self when she caught his nod as she took the money. There was however a nagging question that had her reluctant to jump at this opportunity. Kiera didn’t expect a straight answer, but she asked anyways.
“I just tried to kill you and instead of seeking justice in any of its forms you offer me to join you or be on my way? Why?" Ramyr´ was caught off guard by her perceptive question. Up until now he only heard her snarky replies. He thought quickly´ before answering.
“I do not know the kind of life you have lived, however you are young and sometimes a simple act of´ kindness can have a lasting effect. Say I turned you into the guardsmen, they throw you in the clank.... then what, would you change your ways? I think not! You would learn much worse than you know now! But if I let you go, would there not be times you think back on this´ mercy?" He paused a moment to let her think about it. "Come on, because someone ruined my breakfast, let’s pick up some fruit, maybe bread and cheese, we then can eat and talk." Kiera agreed, so they wandered around the various´ shop’s, Kiera didn’t stick on his heels, she thought she would wander from shop to shop and listen to any piece of information she might hear. She still needed to track down the bandits who killed Faelin. Ramyr bought a loaf of fresh bread and a few different kinds of cheese, he paid the shopkeeper and turned to see Kiera eyeing some sweets from another stall but she didn’t buy any and moved on. When she was busy at another booth Ramyr walked over to the booth she had walked away from and bought two of just about every´ kind of candy the vendor offered and tucked them in his knapsack.

Ramyr then walked over to where Kiera was casually browsing and asked her if she´ was ready to go. Kiera nodded and stepped away from the booth.
"Where shall we go now?" Kiera asked. "Follow me, theirs a nice garden area just up here we can have our picnic and you may ask almost anything you wish. When they´ arrived, they proceeded to find a soft grassy spot in the shade. Ramyr spread out a blanket from his bed roll and tore a chunk of the bread handing it to her. Kiera takes the bread and waits´ for him two slices the cheese.
"So, other´ than being raised in a monastery... that you turned on, what exactly is this´ dangerous life you lead?" A smile´ came across Ramyr face, and he said´
"Well, the question you asked should have been, why I turned on the Monastery? That would be the start to, why exactly do I have a dangerous road ahead! Apparently someone wants me dead or you would not have tried to kill me earlier! I can only guess somehow the Priests who I have not caught up with, have put a bounty out on me! Some people like to have others do their dirty work for them, so that they themselves can keep a good reputation in the public eye and, to sway others to believe they are their only hope for salvation, and in turn collect money from the sheep that have wool in their eyes!
Once the wool has been pulled back those same people see the truth in things!

"There was this poor farm boy and his family not far from the´ Monastery, they were a kind and caring family willing to help out passerby’s, in their travels. They would open their doors for the weak and weary, and offer food and drink that they themselves slaved over from generation to generation. They even helped out the same Priests, when they would come to´ see how the Monastery was coming along during the construction of it! That family fed them and gave them water, as well as the workers who were building the Holy Place, they even went most of the Congregations, that were held there, always bringing, food enough to fill the Congregations stomachs!´ No family that was part of it ever went hungry! This small farm family was respected more than the Priests at these times, because the Priest’s always had something "more important" to tend too. When travelers talked of the area, the family´ was known more than the Monastery itself! This family that had been there from day one for this Monastery, and was´ about to get a rude awakening!" "Did you know that the easiest of spells for a cleric are heal and cure´ blindness or hearing? We all learn these spells at a young age, it is the equivalent of´ kids learning how to spell Mom or Dad, that’s how simple a spell like that is to learn, all clerics know that right at the start of their training, and Priests were once Clerics! "So, this family went to the Monastery one day and asked them to help´ their Son, who was deaf and mute. The response of the Priests were a turning point for this family that so supported this Monastery! Father Desmond told the family´ that "they don’t have time for a healing spell on such a child, it would be a waste of power for us to even think on doing that, there are much more important´ things we need to be doing, like stopping these bandits!"
"It was from´ that point on it all started, the Family no longer supported them, and were going to go tell Jarl Alistaire of the wretched act of those so called Priest. Desmond got wind of what was going on and hired the bandits to kill this family, starting with their kids first. To make the parents watch and rub it in their faces, right before they themselves were killed. Unknown to Desmond, I was listening to the whole conversation outside his home and I wasn’t about to let innocent blood be spilled over this evil priests want for power! That’s when´ I broke in the door and killed the bandit´ leader and the Priest. I then went to the farm, and I saw the bandit party there, waiting for the last light to be snuffed out in the farmhouse! ´ I confronted the leader of this particular party, and I killed him! His men did not interfere, but rather fled, probably back to the Monastery, since I told them their payment was there! This my friend make it a dangerous path that I walk, there is so much that these Priests control, that as we speak we are probably watched for the right moment to cut our hearts out! So´ with that being said, do you still want´ to walk with me down this most dangerous road? He said with a smile.
Kiera´ quietly listens to Ramyr tale as she picks at the grass, fiddling with it. She already knew it was the priest’s he betrayed´ who put out the bounty. But learning why he had done so was interesting. It really didn’t change anything, killing him had nothing to do with whether or not she understands why Ramyr had done what he did, to end up with a bounty and it didn’t matter if the priest’s he killed wasn’t very charitable, it´ wasn’t her place to judge, just to do the job she was given, it was never anything personal. It was simple business, all that mattered was the end result and the money that came with it... or was it? Was´ it simply business when the Midlanders killed Faelin? She wondered for the first time since his death. "Was it simple business that left a mother without her child, a father without his son." her heart clenched as the thought assaulted her "her without her...well, friend and love"´ Kiera cringes mentality and quickly shuts down the thoughts, putting them in´ a box in her mind locking them away. This wasn’t the time to examine them to´ deeply. She would give that more thought latter, much latter she hoped. Kiera focused her´ attention back to Ramyr just in time for her to hear him talk about Midland bandits and stilled, she didn’t so much as draw a breath for´ a few heart beats. “These bandits, who were they? Were they the order of the crescent moon? Did... you... kill. Them?" Her´ voice grew colder with each question. Ramyr´ replied, "I do not know, for I cannot distinguish one from the other, if they kill innocent people it’s a general term for me! The one Atrocity that I fought had a red bandana around his arm and on that was a crescent moon in´ black. I do not know who is who by their markings? I do know there was supposedly, no Atrocity’s left on the mainland! Especially ones that are in cahoots with Priest’s! I had never seen an´ Atrocity before that day! Just pictures drawn by scribes and other artists, which by the´ way was pretty much how they looked! I did learn the Atrocity language for my father, ´ he insisted I learn Atrocity and also drowned maids! Have you ever heard of A Drowned maids? ´ I once had´ a friend that was one and I would sneak out at night to brush up what I had learned! I think there was a Drowned maids visiting Elder Desmond.
The answer to your question, I killed all but one each time I came upon a bandit group. That one would be my messenger for the other Priests and Atrocity’s to let them know death shall be upon them soon! Were these not the Priest’s that offered a bounty on my head? If so you might want to ask them why they attacked a small patrol in a town, far to the south, killing a young boy. Faelin´ I believe his name was, and severely wounding the parties’ leader? You see, it’s not hard to squeeze information out of a Midlander, when facing his death, and watching his brothers die before his eyes, one by one. (His eyes narrowed) When he finally watched his last brother die, it was then he knew this was no time to bluff or beg for mercy for there was none left! So I´ made a deal with him. His life to pass this message to his leader, ´ "This one Hospitlar offers no mercy to the wicked!!"´
With that Ramyr looked Kiera coldly into her eyes, how much´ of your bounty can bring back this poor boy? How much gold will you collect from the same box that his bounty came from? We have a day for you to think about´ it before I, or we go and talk to Lord Turner! I want you to be sure of your decision´ it could possibly be life changing for you! With that Ramyr had a serious look´ on his face and sipped his hot Cider. Kiera’s´ blood turned cold with this news, the color draining from her face. Her teeth clenched as her anger started building.
"No." She whispers softly as she climbs to her feet. She lashes out before she has the chance to gain control, striking Ramyr hard across the face just as he lifted his mug for a drink. Then turns and walks several steps away. In the back of her mind, she knows better than to turn her back on him but Kiera wasn’t thinking clearly. The priests were behind it all? Ramyr already killed most of the bandits... did he kill the one who struck Faelin down? Did her father know any of this? The questions kept assaulting her mind. Kiera fought´ the tears the stung her eye’s and the urge to kill everyone around her in a blind rage. Kiera didn’t turn to face Ramyr when she finally spoke her shoulders had dropped in defeat. But her voice dripped venom
"I didn’t lie when I told you before it was the priests who gave my Father the contract for you, He in turn gave it to me. It was to be my first solo mission. I’m not foolish enough to claim it was anything I was ready for if I was to be honest. I would never have been sent alone if it wasn’t for the fact I spent month’s sitting at a grave every day and would have stayed the night if I wasn’t dragged home each night. My Father knew by duty alone would I leave, so he gave me one." Kiera turned then and faced him, her cheeks wet with the tears she couldn’t hold back and continues. "That grave, was Faelin’s. He and I would have married one day, he looked out for me more than anyone.... including my father at times. It is his name I bare in its old form as my last, with his father’s blessing. If what you say is true, that the priests are behind his death, then´ no you have no fear that I will attempt to fulfil that contract, however if you want their heads yourself, you better pray the midlander you let live is the one who struck Faelin down. This I vow by my blood." Kiera slips the dagger sheathed at her waist and sliced the palm of her right hand. Not overly deep, but enough to bleed freely. She flinched with the sting of the blade.
Taking a calming breath, she looks Ramyr in the eye. “I apologize for striking you. I know better than to let my´ emotions rule my actions, it is something that I am still learning to control." Kiera’s eye’s travel the´ length of him, noticing for the first time the fact he is wearing yet another drink because of her and fights to hide her mirth over the thought.
Ramyr´ yet again, wiping his drink from his armor walked over to the nearest watering trough, and splashed water on his face, as the horse standing next to him stared on in confusion. He turned to the Horse and said, "Yes ole boy I’m just as confused as you are!" as he patted the horse on his cheek. "It appears if I am to fully enjoy, and finish my drink it will have to be away from that one!" (Nodding off in´ her direction) He walked over, ´ and without a word, lifted Kiera up by her leather armor with ease, and walked her over to the tree and sat her down, semi rough. Then opened his pack up´ and pulled out the bag of candy. Trying to calm the situation, he handed it to her. "I noticed you were eying these! Sit here for a few moments´ and enjoy them, while I go and get, yet another cup of Hot cider, and so help me whatever god anyone´ worships, if I cannot finish this one without another interruption, I will hang you by the back of your tunic on the highest branch of this tree, that I can reach, and let your legs´ dangle! ´
He turned to walk to the vendor, but stopped in his path and turned around. Looking in her eyes with true sincerity, as he kneeled´ before her, he said, "I am truly sorry for your loss." and´ gave a pause´ then´ brushed her head before he turned back around, and headed off into the market.´ This time he would buy´ two´ ciders, and quickly down one before he returns to her.
Kiera´ watched him finally stomp off towards the venders in a daze. Reaching in her satchel she quickly found what she was looking for and bound her hand a bit awkwardly as´ she recalled the look on Ramyr face when he went to the trough to wash the cider was so priceless as she almost broke out laughing and again when he issued his threats. Kiera looked down at the bag he handed her, opening it to see the sweet’s that lay inside, she remembered pausing at the shop considering buying some, but thought better of it since she only had what coin she stole earlier and what was left of what her father gave her and it really wasn’t much. Especially if she was really going to travel with Ramyr and now that she knew what she did, she had every intention of staying very close to him until every last one of the priests and midlanders were dead.
Kiera ate one of the sweets savoring the taste, one more she thought before tucking the rest in her own satchel. She would have to come up with more coin somehow before they left this town, it shouldn’t be too difficult. She was a pretty good pick pocket, her rations were on the low´ side, if she was to cook for two what she had wouldn’t last very long. Kiera knew, he said to stay put but she needed to get her things in order. Kiera headed to the crowded markets and carefully went to work lifting coin purses where she could. She was being a little more cautious about it, then normal, the last thing she needed was to be caught. It only took a few hours before she was comfortable with the coin she had gained, the´ hour was growing late and she figured she could pick up the supplies in the morning. She decided to check around and find Ramyr and see´ what time they should meet up again tomorrow. She knew he had a meeting but didn’t recall him saying when. Ramyr´ knelt before the altar of Saint Cuthbert, and said prayers under his breath. He felt the warmth of his Deity enclose around him, he asked one favor. "Please protect Kiera, my last and, only remaining family member!"
After he finished his prayers he dropped 50 gold pieces into the offering plate, looked up to the huge statue of his Deity, and brought his hand to his forehead then down his mid-section, then from the right side to the left side of his chest. He then moved to the entrance of this Temple splashed holy water across his chest, arms and face. He then pulled out two empty flasks, and filled them each with the sanctifying nectar, and was out the door. He was greeted by many´ with a nod and a
"Hospitlar, bless you in´ your travels, and do not falter from the light!" He had almost made it out of the courtyard, when a poor woman approached him, and spoke with tears in her eyes
"Hospitlar my child is very sick and I cannot afford the money to´ pay for the medicine, can you help him?"
Ramyr looked her over and decided she was not a threat for he had to be careful of who he spoke to in these time, especially since his name was all over the bounty boards for the wicked Priest’s. Then he bid the lady to lead on. First look would’ve told you he was not being vigilant, contrary to that look´ he was very. They walked down the dark street, and came to a small row house one candle burning in the window, when he looked in he saw a small child tucked under a blanket and shivering. She unlocked the door and let Ramyr in.
"There is my young James, he has come down with a chest cold, please can´ you help him?" Ramyr sat his backpack on the ground, opened it, and started rummaging through its content. The child was wheezing, and coughing and looked up at Ramyr and said,
"When I grow up I want to be a Hospitlar like you!" Ramyr smiled at the boy, and said
"First we need to nurse this Hospitlar here in this bed back to health, so that he´ may go and help other sick children!" The boy smiled at Ramyr. Ramyr laid out three vials, and then pulled out the small bowl and pestle. He pulled some leaves´ out of a bag and put them in followed by some boiling water that was heating on the fire place, he then took out a small bag of powder and sprinkled it into the concoction. It started fizz and bubble as he mashed the leaves to a pulp, then it went flat. One swift stir then he poured it into a cup, and he told the boy that
"this was going to taste horrible! Just drink it down fast!" After it cooled down a bit he held the cup to the boys lips and counted one..two..three.. The boy drank´ it all down, which left a horrible taste in his mouth as well as a horrible look on his face! Ramyr let out a muffled laugh and smiled at him and said, "in an hours’ time you will be fine and your illness gone, I will stay here until it takes effect to make sure it takes! Now roll over and get some sleep´ Hospitlar!"´ the lady made Ramyr a cup of hot cider (his favorite if he can ever get a full cup down as of late!) They sat down at her table and started talking. She explained she used to work at "The Shipwrecked Captain" the upper end of the shoreline, where all the Noble, and like shipped their goods, it was a high end part of the docks, where the biggest ships would dock, along with their hand chosen guards, most of which were "Warsworn" appointed by Jarl Alistair himself. She thought she had a great job´ and felt secure there, not like at the lower end places. Then one night when she was cleaning up the Tavern a stranger came in at closing. The Inn Keeper looked up and nodded to him, as he locked the door behind him.
I thought nothing of it since the Inn Keeper Steve would often conduct legit business in one of the traders, and I went back to cleaning. The´ Stranger, not dressed like Noble sat at the bar in his leather armor, with fresh bloodstains across the chest with tears in it. She´ overheard them talking about a 100gp deal, when Steve set down a bottle of whiskey in front of this man they continued to talk, as I was growing more interested in the conversation taking place! The man by the name of Gerald was talking to Steve the Barkeep, about a town to the south that he, and his men raided,
"As I was telling you Steve, working for these people will bring you much riches! You should consider their offer and you can work in anonymity! My men and I earned so much money from this particular raid, that all´ of us are set for life, in fact I’m thinking of purchasing my own small fishing vessel! It would have been more money if we had killed this particular girl but when we got there she was nowhere to be found! So we grabbed up this boy by the name of Faelin, who we knew was her lover or something, and questioned him!" The barkeep was listening intently, as was I! I was feeling very uncomfortable here all of a sudden, in a place I thought I would not!" Said the lady. Ramyr look grew grim he knew of this name! Then she continued. At this time the two were doing quick´ shots of whiskey together, The Barkeep spoke up and said
“So you could not get any information from the boy?"´ the bandit gave a slight smile
"Well I will say he was a tough one! We could not break him! I grabbed the boy up by his bloody face and that’s when I felt the cut of the dagger here on my chest (pointing at the gash) so I punched him in his throat, and he went down gasping for air! I brought one of the villagers before him, and asked again, where is the girl! Not speaking, my men cut the villagers throat open wide, and let his body slump to the ground. Growing tired with this game, I said to the boy, any last words before we cut your life from you?" Steve was enthralled in the story,
"what did he say!?" The bandit grinned, the defeated boy said
"I will never tell you´ where my one true love, and the "Hospitlar’s" sister is! But I promise you on my death, that you will die a horrible one, and those Priest’s will be damned with you, once he and she catches up to you!" Then bandit went silent with an evil grin "Then I cut what little life he had left, from´ his body!" With a cheer they toasted.
"I finished up my cleaning and said goodnight to the two and never returned to "The Shipwrecked Captain" it has been months since I was there, I want nothing to do with any of that! If Jarl Alistair knew about the shady operations there he would not be pleased!" I am just a lowborn so there is no way I could talk to him without being rejected by his guards" Just then the boy stirred, and rolled over, his complexion was back to normal and he was asking for some food saying,
"Mom I’m starving!" the medicine had taken effect and the boy was now fine. The lady said "I wish I could´ afford to pay you but I have no money until I find a new job! Ramyr turned towards the woman and said "If I ask you to repeat that story to somebody would you?" She nodded in agreement, and Ramyr said "Then consider that as payment!"´ He patted the boy on the head, and smiled "Now young man, I look forward to seeing you in the ranks of Hospitlar here in the near future! Be´ good and listen to your mom!" with that bid farewell and headed back out on the street, walking towards the grassy area where he and Kiera had parted earlier that day. Thoughts weighed heavily in his mind.´ "He knew this road was going to be a long one, and he knew Kiera needed to know the truth about her and him! The shared bloodline, the relations, but how was he supposed to tell her, and how was he going to break the news that he had just found out about her loved one? ´ Most of all how was she going´ to handle that news on both accounts? ´ He´ then continued to the grassy spot in the´ middle of the town, deep in thought.
Kiera´ strolled back the way she had come, the´ evening air felt cool and refreshing´ compared to the heat of the day, but it didn’t help her clear her mind of the events of the day. It all weighed heavy on her especially now that she wasn’t concentrating on something else. Kiera felt raw from the shock of Ramyr revelations. She knew he didn’t know her ties to Faelin when he spoke so coldly to her about his death. She would find Ramyr and ask when and where he wished to meet up tomorrow, after that Kiera had every intention if finding´ either a place to swim in peace or a place to throw her daggers, either was therapeutic enough for her. She arrived back at the grass knoll to see Ramyr deep in thought and looking somewhat concerned. She watched him for a time and he didn’t seem to realize she was there. She´ remembered the sincerity in his eyes and tone when he apologized for her loss, the candy he thoughtfully picked up for her. She made sure her tone was playful when she spoke up. "Worried I ran off for´ good? You can’t tell me you missed me enough to put that look on your face." "Well´ young one, I have certainly missed you enough, I need to tell you something you may not know........." he said with concern in his eyes.
“The reason I need to tell´ you this is because since we are together here and now, you need to know of the danger you yourself may be in, for your road is as much as mine now that we are together.´ Your father, My father are one in the same! The only proof of this is the birthmark´ on your left side of the crescent moon, I too have this birthmark...he removed his boot and there on the side of his´ toe was an exact replica! I also found information on your lover’s killer! His name is Gerald! He was the bandit that finished´ of your love! Just so you know Faelin refused to tell the bandits where you or I was, he did know of us and was sworn to secrecy by our father who told his father! I hope you can forgive me for not telling you sooner, but I needed to think this over a bit before coming forth to you with this new information! I also don’t expect you to believe me but, Jarl Alistair has the birth records, and there is a lady I´ know of here in town, who I helped heal her son who is willing to also tell you´ the truth about you and me! Finally I´ know who can tell you the where about´ of your lovers killer! He is a Tavern Keep down on the docks by the name of Steve.
The lady I helped over heard the whole story and that is when she stopped working for him, because of his disgraceful attachment to the bandits and their workings! I can take you to her´ and then you can go find Gerald the bandit! Jarl Alistair has postponed our meeting to a day from now, we can go visit this Tavern keep tomorrow afternoon if you wish? Kiera´ stood there in stand silence as Ramyr continued to speak. She heard the words but none of it was makings since. She felt the world spinning and reached out to steady herself with the nearby tree. Closing her eyes she took several deep´ breaths. She couldn’t deny the fact they shared at same birth marks and if in deed he´ was her brother it would explain why he wanted to keep her close a question she hasn’t been able to explain away all afternoon. She has always known her´ father wasn’t her real father. Kiera looked´ at him as a wave of betrayal filled her with the numerous questions that his truths brought up.
"I know the man that raised me was not my true father, it’s a truth I have always known, he found me as a babe tottering around the forest, my mother dead with her throat slit. If you are my´ brother and if our father “she spat the word." has known where I have been all this time as apparently you all have if Faelin was sworn to secrecy why then did´ not either of you ever come for me? Do you know how many night’s as a child I spent dreaming about what my real parents were like? “She gave a mirthless laugh
"It doesn’t matter, we will go to these docks and find what your friend knows after that I’ll take my leave of you. If you truly are my brother... well I see no reason why I should burden you with my presence since you´ and father couldn’t be bothered with it before this day!" She turned angrily and started walking towards the´ docks without a backwards glance. "Kiera!" He yelled! "YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH, ALL THESE YEARS! YOU ALSO DO NOT KNOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF WHAT MY UPBRINGING WAS! The world does not revolve around you SOLELY! Kiera stopped dead in her tracks! She had never seen Ramyr upset, until just now as he belted that out like a training Sergeant commanding some kind of army! Ramyr had the look of extreme anger on his face and seriousness, something she had never really seen or noticed of him before! Kiera also angered turned around to´ face him and began to say something when she was abruptly cut off! "I spent years of my life locked away in an Abby, definitely against my will! "I spent those ´ years being beaten to a bruised mess, just to be healed in enough time for Father to return to me! The Priests took his donations and used them to´ do their vile deeds! While you were out gallivanting with friends I had none! While you spent your days in a warm house with a family I spent those times in a cold cell, for when father died I was stripped of all my robes, and they were replaced by servant’s clothes! I spent years in servitude to those same wretched priests! I was a prisoner and I could not go anywhere! I tried to sneak out on many accounts, especially after I found out about you! The minute I crossed the threshold of their arcane alarms, I was beaten to a bloody pulp!”‘ “So if you think for one second I will shed one tear for you, you are wrong! You head to those docks´ by yourself and I am talking to a dead stubborn sister right now!
They will cut you down the minute you walk through the doors of the tavern! You have no clue what they look like, but I guarantee when you walk in there they will know who you are, you may cut one down, but the many more that await you, and the price on your head will appear out of the woodwork! You need to understand the danger you are in, which you obviously do not! ´ there is a price on our heads of a thousand gold! Dead or Alive! Did you know that? Hence the reason I keep you so close to my side! I have dreams of the time you and I meet, but not with this much danger so close to us, and your life on the line as much as my own! These priest’s raise the dead, so with that being said, if you die I may meet you in the battle field, ´ as your undead self and THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT! There are tactics to getting to these people the ones that killed your love!"
"I knew not where you were! Not of Faelin, not of your mercenary foster father, or of your whereabouts, until just recently talking with you. None of this I knew! So if you feel like walking into your own death then so be it, ´ but please run your dagger through my´ heart so I don’t have to feel the pain of´ losing the only family member I have left, since I was banished over this entire mess." He walked over To Kiera and pulled her dagger out of her sheath and slapped it in her hand and pressed the point against where his heart beat ever so hard at the moment and blood trickled from the tip cutting into his skin! "This is the spot that will kill me instantly Sister! If you have learned nothing push it through and collect thousand gold from them, right before they cut you down and collect the thousand gold for you!!" He was´ holding her hand so hard it was painful and the blood was being cut off in her´ wrist! He looked into her eyes with such´ compassion and love, tears welled up in´ both of their eyes as they stared at each´ other for what felt like forever.
Kiera was taken back by Ramyr's outburst but when he placed her dagger and brought it to his chest drawing first blood she froze. She stared him in the´ eye watches as various emotions flashed across them. After a while she sighed feeling a bit guilty with her own´ rant pulling both her hand and her dagger´ back from his chest, his grip tightened painfully´ and it took her a few tugs before he allowed her to return the blade to its sheath. She´ had a brother she thought even if she didn’t think much of their father from what little she knew of him. Seems´ to her all their birth father has done was because a life of pain not just for her but apparently her new found brother as well.
“ Your right I know nothing about your life, from what you have said it don’t sound as easy as I assumed and a good deal harder than my own, but you assume much yourself if you think mine was all care free frolicking with my friends. While yes my foster father was... is kind to me, but he was an mercenary and was gone most´ of the time and in his place was the cook´ by her hand I had my fair share of beatings as well, it was not uncommon for me to go days even weeks without a scrap of food save for what and when´ Faelin could sneak me something even it was only a Apple. As for the´ docks you yourself just said you had a friend´ there with information and we could go see her´ if it was my wish, now you say if I go I’ll be killed? That the priests your father so wisely entrusted your keeping to´ has a bounty on both of our head’s? I know of the one on yours I was sent to collect on it remember? But why is their´ one on mine? How do they even know of me? From what I know I couldn’t´ have been more than two when I take´ in... Or whatever truly happened. As´ the redness in his face started to fade he said,
"It is our blood lines that put us in so much danger, our father, your father,´ was the one that pushed the Atrocity’s back! For this they seek our death! Thousands of Atrocity lay strewn across the land making it look as if there was a river of blood. Yes they seek our deaths, and the Priests use them to what power they may have soon! Whether´ you like this arrangement or not, it is what it is! We are hunted since we share the same bloodline as our Father, once they cut us down there is no more living with our´ blood. In essence they will have cut us from the history books." "You need to look at the´ bigger picture young one, if the corruption is allowed to remain we all will become nothing more than their slaves!
Fortunately you and I would just be killed and not have to suffer the consequences, but our friends and our loved ones would suffer! Can you bear that guilt´ as long as you live? I cannot!" "This lady I spoke of does not live at the docks but next to the Church of St. Cuthbert. She, like us does not agree with the way things are going. The bandits killing innocent people. This is why she left from that Tavern and now works at the Church helping the´ poor, and the orphans, there are so many now after the war that need help and caring for! So many were lost during the Atrocity wars."
"You need to hone your skills before you set off on a vendetta!" Then Ramyr motioned with his eyes to a shady looking character behind´ Kiera. "There over by the vegetable stand with a hood over his head, and a red bandana just beneath his sleeve out of´ sight, with daggers inside his tunic, as you can see by the telltale folds in the cloth!" Kiera began to turn around, and Ramyr grabbed her up off her feet surprising her, and hugged her saying louder than usual "I have missed you my friend, how’s the family been!" he turned´ her around in mid hug to give her a clear view of the makeshift mercenary by´ the stand, then spun her back around and set her down. "That is your first honorable kill! You are stopping that guy from´ collecting a bounty on my head!" He said with a smile. "He also wears the same bandana as the ones that killed your friend! How convenient!
He is not really a mercenary more so a pick pocket I have seen him about! It should be easy for you to dispose of him and do it quietly and unnoticed!" I will be´ here if you need to run back to me!" he said with a grin and almost a challenge. Then he sat down under the tree. Kiera´ smirked at Ramyriquet as she heard the challenge in his voice. Her mind raced with possible ways to carry out this simple task, discarding one thought after another in just a few short heart beats.´ Hmm she thought to herself as she turned towards the thief in question.
She begins skipping and twirling down the road as she had seen other kids do, not really paying much mind to other folks in her path she would bump into one or their´ as she reaches the man she bounces squarely off his chest knocking him back a step her fingers quickly snatches his coin purse tucking it away before righting herself.
"Pardon me Sir." She said with a´ giggle.
"Watch where you’re going runt" he said harshly as he raised his left hand to cuff her. Kiera ducked quickly under his hand coming up behind him and gave him a shove before darting into the ally now behind her she made it a few steps when she realizes he wasn’t going to follow her and returned his gaze back to her brother. Kiera took two more steps then tripped crying out dropping his coin purse and slipping out her dagger at the same time keeping it hidden. The man turned to the sound his gaze locked on his coin purse spilt and checks himself, when he confirmed the lack of a coin purse on his person, he came barreling down the alley towards her rage etched on his scared face, Kiera forges trying to get up but falling back down due to an ankle injury then cowers down her´ eyes wide with the fear she didn’t really feel.
"You’re going to pay for that girl" he raged at her. Kiera gave a whimper as she huddled even further into herself. She waited until he hovered over her, he hauled her up, with his left arm, his right swings back landing a slap across her face. She cried out with the sting of it but still she held her dagger hidden from view and waited for the right opening. He slapped her around a few´ more times than raised her up slightly as if he was going to throw her but it gave´ her the opening she was waiting for, she struck out quickly plunging her dagger in his heart. He dropped her with a thud, as he fell to his knees. She tried to dislodge her blade but it was lodged firmly in his chest and she lacked the strength to retrieve it, she grunted in frustration and turned to restive the coin purse and the dropped coins that spilt. She swiped the blood from her face as best as she could.
With one last look at her dagger she´ continued out the ally thou the back. Kiera´ circled around keeping to the shadows knowing that she probably looked far´ worse than she was, her face throbbing from when she was stuck but she ignored the pain making her way back to her brother. The idea of having real family intrigued her even if it was only a brother. From what he has said their father was also dead and she was surprised to find the fact stung a bit more then she cared to admit. Her mind drifted back to Ramyr, wondering what kind of a brother he would be if he was truly what he claims. As´ Kiera rounded the corner to face Ramyr, she did not see him. She looked around for a bit and almost gave up with a sigh when he´ came round the way she did behind her. He had a smile on his face as he approached her. She saw him cleaning off her blade as he tossed the rag of the bandana into the trash can.
"Well done´ sis! I see you stuck the dagger right where´ it´ would kill him instantly! I also hefted his body into a trash box there in the alley, so by the time someone does find him we´ will no longer be suspect! With that being said well done! I am no mercenary trainer but I do know a little about this and that, and´ I’m glad you are a quick learner! He handed´ her dagger back to her,
"From the deepness of the wound I would´ say you were expending the last bit of your anger!? I would also say well done!”
“We need a place to stay here so what we are going to do is´ go back to the Church of St. Cuthbert, (he pulled out a robe from his pack) Lesson number two blending in! You need to act like a holy person so they will give us stay free of charge, just bless everything around you as your walking, and nod to everyone that comes around you, and finish your words with´ "May our forefathers give his blessings upon you"´ and you should be fine. None of the bandits would dare step in this church or´ the wretched Priests, for they would be executed. This church knows of their doings, and they are familiar with me!
´ We will have a warm meal, and warm sleeping quarters as well!´ For tomorrow we go to the docks and order some Ale from that tavern keep who obviously, somehow knew I was in town. I’m guessing they have their spies about. I do not think it wise to include the lady I helped last night, for it may put herself in danger if she already is not. We will stop by to see how she fares for I am worried for her and her son." He tossed the robes to Kiera and waited for her to put them´ on. Kiera though against it at first then realized they were warm, and comfortable and wasn’t much different than a cloak, except the tasseled rope tied around´ the waste, but they would conceal her face well, which was something good for a person of her trade! Then they headed off towards the Church. Even though she looked the part her daggers were tucked away in the robes as not to be seen and matching the natural creases in the robe unlike that last Rogue. They walked off towards the church, and she´ was practicing her´ "May the blessing of our forefathers be upon you” to the passerby’s. ´ Ramyr just smiled and let out a quiet laugh. He knew he would have to find a clan to take her in and finish her training before long.
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