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Weekly Events!?
11-01-2016, 00:32, (This post was last modified: 11-01-2016, 00:33 by Mullet.)
Weekly Events!?
Ok all, I have been around for a while, watching this game, playing it when new updates are available etc.

One huge thing ive noticed is our community stays for a limited time. Until they get bored or the population of the servers dies down between updates. So this is what I would like to present. A simple pvp event once a week. (maybe twice for time zones) Just to get the community involved and to stop by more often. Smile Or can even do Giant hunts, with a pvp twist? O.o

I think it would be a great idea in order to keep people active in game. What are your thoughts and suggestions?
11-01-2016, 01:31,
RE: Weekly Events!?
the event atm is the ''Survival of the Launcheria'' where you need to survive the launchers impossible waves of errors and bugs Big Grin
11-01-2016, 19:16,
RE: Weekly Events!?
I like the idea.

There need to be something so new players can get the feeling of open world battles.
But as you say, there should be for both NA and EU.

So i guess there will also be some administration work to get these events going.

I also guess there could be some testing results the devs can use for bug fixing etc?

But again - its not a bad idea mate :-)
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11-01-2016, 23:43,
RE: Weekly Events!?
In fact, it's something we have already started implementing - the "Valley of Death" tournament gave us a lot of useful data which we used to resolve numerous issues, unknown for us before. The world of Gloria Victis will be continuously filled up with various events and we are currently working on it.
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