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Help us spreading the word!
10-02-2016, 22:41, (This post was last modified: 10-02-2016, 23:32 by Adrianna.)
Help us spreading the word!

I am Adrianna and from today I support the Black Eye Games team as a Community Manager. For the good start I stick this thread – you can post here your suggestions of portals we should contact to spread the word about Gloria Victis and increase the Community! We will continuously update the list with sites which have mentioned GV. Let us also know about websites or forums where informations about the game appear thanks to you. Of course we don’t ask you to spam anywhere Smile but every decent mention would be helpful!

Hall of Hype: – our profile; every vote casted on GV in a hype meter does matter! – our Steam Workshop profile; greatest success here – Greenlight! – our IndieDB profile

Mentions and news:
Community Manager
10-02-2016, 23:54,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
Welcome Adrianna =)
I would add this site
Months ago, a friend told me about this thread, and suggested to post news about the game, to catch the attention of the italian players. Well, it worked, a little bit Tongue
Me: Oh, you kill them too fast...
Wodin: Here comes the psychopath again
11-02-2016, 16:29,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
welcome adrianna,

will there be more events coming up for the players? i dont want to see some epic stuff, iam allready happy if i can see everyday a big amount of people 20vs20 in the regular tournaments. thats the only time of the day something bigger happens on the server and it makes alot of fun. if we can hype the tournament more on the social/steam group/forum sides - today tournament starts at 16:00pm blablabla - maybe we get some more people into the tournament and in the game afterworks.
11-02-2016, 19:26, (This post was last modified: 11-02-2016, 19:27 by DangerDanMan.)
RE: Help us spreading the word!
I agree most sign In for tourneys and some stay after to take castles its a good way . I personally would like to see more content or more reason for people to want open world pvp but for now the tourney is a good attraction.
11-02-2016, 20:38, (This post was last modified: 11-02-2016, 20:39 by MariusPT.)
RE: Help us spreading the word!
Hello, and welcome!

I also agree to highlight the tournaments and the capture of the cities, as the tournaments I think it should be more frequent and improved such as: giving rewards (weapons, armours, recipes, potions) in addition to xp points to motivate more in their participation . Where the losing team would be automatically transferred to the city. The winning team should collect their prize directly from the flag or a chest next to the flag, and as each gather your prize would then teleported.
[Image: Assianaturaxxx.jpg]
11-02-2016, 22:21,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
yes but I don't like them to be to often it would take from open world pvp and when looting comes back that's what a lot of us like.
20-04-2016, 12:17,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
I tried this game out and im liking the idea of it,it have me very interested and i can see myself playing this game for a very long time when it launches, my channel maybe small but i will help get this game known to as much people as i can on my youtube. This game deserves to be played by many.
01-05-2016, 19:33,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
so i have videos up now from the stress test on the 30th if anyone wants to see how it was check it out here wooooooooooo spead the word of Gloria Victis woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
01-05-2016, 19:58,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
Where has Adriana gone? only 3 posts since February... not a lot for a community manager...
03-05-2016, 20:10, (This post was last modified: 03-05-2016, 20:26 by WilsonMG.)
RE: Help us spreading the word!
A Steam EA release would do a lot more for getting Gloria Victis mass visibility and a flood of new players more so than the trickle that comes by word of mouth and gaming sites/communities. Shouldn't be a problem either given it's already been approved on Greenlight.

That said though, the game needs (a lot?) more polish I think before it can withstand the criticism that comes along with Steam EA. I feel like the developers are aware of that though and that appears to me to be why they've held off on it thus far.

It just seems odd to me to make a request to spread the word for more players when the largest source of potential players has yet to be tapped into. Kinda like putting the old cart before the horse.

EDIT: Also, I agree... a Community Manager that has spent less time on these forums than I have and I bought the game two nights ago? LOL! Confused

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