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Help us spreading the word!
05-05-2016, 05:47,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
I agree on your points Wilson, I also feel that the GV devs have almost a foot ahead of most other EA games on steam. At least in in my opinion, It seems like most EA games that release on steam rush to get on steam EA.

The devs have actually put in the time to fix game breaking bugs and add polish instead of rushing to EA for cash.
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05-05-2016, 12:03,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
As someone who has gamed 30+ years and who has spent the last two years solely focused on EA games (was PR manager for EA title, collaborate with EA devs on game coverage/promotion on my social media channels, write articles on, etc.) this game (in my opinion) is more solid than many EA games currently on Steam.

However, I do think it was/is a great strategy in getting the game to it's current state prior to going to Steam EA. Based on my experience in the last couple of days I think this game is definitely Steam EA ready. Could it use a little more polish here and there? Of course it's a work in progress but I haven't had this much fun on an EA game (especially this genre) in a long time.

The other great indicator is the developers have not abandoned this game as so many EA teams have done...even with so little exposure. This game has a ton of potential and if managed correctly could do very well on Steam.

Well that's enough rambling....cheers!
01-07-2016, 07:20, (This post was last modified: 01-07-2016, 07:44 by CitySlicker.)
RE: Help us spreading the word!
try to make a tv commerical. heck even a 4 second commercial would work.

you can also maybe print some flyers.
Create some contests. Or print bumper stickers.. if you made some t-shirts i would totally buy it. You can never have too many game trailers. people love watching.. yeah. id say make some more game trailers to publish... im really enjoying this game. my charectors name is CitySlicker if anyone wants to hunt and have fun. I have been doing my best sharing this game on my facebook page. also letting my friends and family know as well.. it would be so easy to make flyers leave on peoples doors and hell just go door to door.. city to city.. planet to planet.. not everyone uses the Blogs or gaming websites. BUT everyone who owns a house Does walk in and out there front door.. so i suggest leave a flyer on every doorstep on this dang planet! trust me.
03-04-2017, 07:24,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
I am a music producer with a very large following on Facebook, two separate accounts with around 10,000 people. I'm going to start advertising the gave at every chance I get. Already got 6 people to play in the course of two days.
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20-08-2018, 12:44,
RE: Help us spreading the word!
nice sharing thanks

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