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FAQ - check if your question isn't answered here!
29-10-2012, 13:23, (This post was last modified: 12-08-2013, 20:42 by Jog.)
FAQ - check if your question isn't answered here!

What is Gloria Victis?

Gloria Victis is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with its action set in the world of Ether, which advance is very similar to the medieval times that we all know, however somewhat enriched with low-fantasy elements.

Who’s involved in the game-making process and since when?

The game is being developed by Black Eye Games team consisting of skilled and ambitious people, whose passion are computer games. Works on the project began in February 2012 and are still being underway. During this time we’ve been creating all assets as well as every line of code, which number is growing day by day.

Are we going to have to pay for the game?

The game will be totally free with optional micropayments in the Item Shop. All items available at the Shop will influence only comfort of playing without interfering in gameplay balance, e.g. it will be possible to extend character and equipment customization options. It is important to note that, however, most of the items will be available for acquisition during regular game as well, but it will require more skills and time.

What are the system requirements?

Current test version, which wasn’t put through complex optimization process yet, works fluent on almost any PC or laptop that’s newer than circa 5 years.

Will there be an open world?

The world will be divided into regions. Loading screens will appear sometimes when crossing them but only after travelling a long distance. If current technology we’re using allows us to exclude loading screens, we will surely try to achieve such a thing.

On which platforms are you planning to release the game?

Due to technical issues that aren’t our fault, current version is being developed only for PC with Windows OS. However, we are planning on placing our game on such systems as MacOS and Linux.


How many playable nations are there in Gloria Victis?

There will be four available nations in-game, which are : Ethereans, Asken, People of the North and Nuntians. Each of them is different, has its territory, culture, allies and enemies.

How many quests will there be in Gloria Victis?

As for today, we have a quite large quest base, of which a bigger part is multilayered and have alternative endings, depending on the way they are completed.

What does the ‘multilayered quest’ term mean?

It means that the quests will be able to be completed in a few ways, e.g. when a quest tells you to poison a girl, you can accomplish your task, tell your victim about your quest giver’s intentions or tell the guards about the possible upcoming crime. Each way leads to a different ending.

Will there also be multiplayer quests or group quests?

In the game there will be quests of various difficulty levels. Some of them may be accomplished solo, however some of them may require help or cooperation with other players. It will also be possible to join groups and parties to achieve common goals.
Additionally, we will implement “social quests” that will require e.g. convincing other players to make certain actions.

Will the world react to our actions and deeds?

Somewhat, yes. We are planning on implementing reputation system, which will determine NPC behavior towards the player. During the gameplay one can gain good or evil fame in various world regions. It will also influence various quests’ availability, e.g. if one is a respected member of society who saves damsels in distress, he will not be able to contact with inhabitants of demimonde. And so being a shameful bandit, one will not receive quests of protecting a convoy transporting goods, rather than that – robbing it.


Will there be crafting?

There are 10 selective crafts of which the character will be able to simultaneously know 2 of them that the players chooses. Different crafts give access to different resources and different “craftable” items.
Crafting items will be somehow based on real process of medieval crafting. It will consist of gathering required materials, their appropriate preparation and then crafting the desired item. Every such action will require tools and various “workshops”. Many upper class items will require resources provided by other craftsmen, so nobody will be self-sufficient and cooperation will be mandatory.

How will the combat mechanics look like?

The combat is based on non-target system, which is manual handling and striking blows. The combat will require good positioning against the enemy and attacking it in a right moment. The whole thing will mostly base on the player’s skills rather than character equipment, which potential one will have to use properly

Is that true that there will be bows in-game?
Precisely and accurately.

Will we be given spells to cast?

Magic in Gloria Victis is very restricted and subtle. There will be no famous fireballs, meteor showers, ice walls, et cetera. Instead, there will be weakening curses, empowering blessings, charms, altering senses (blinding the enemy or sharpening ally’s sight), et cetera.

Are there going to be character classes?

There will be no such thing as character class. Everyone will start their game with a certain amount of points to spend and, during the gameplay, they will earn more as their character levels up. The way the points are spent will depend only on the player’s choice.

What about archetypes?

For players who don’t want to waste time spending points in the character creation screen there will be already prepared settings called archetypes. Each archetype will consist of certain attributes; each archetype depending on different ones. Picking an archetype will only determine the character’s start and can be ignored later by manually spending earned points.

How will the character development look like?

We are going to use the classic scheme consisting of earning points at level-ups which can be spent on various skills and abilities. The system’s details are under our non-disclosure agreement and will be announced when the time is right.

What about level cap?

It is inevitable, because no one can develop forever. It would cause major gaps between newcomers and those who spent some time in-game already.

How PvP is going to be like?

There will be open PvP all over the map excluding certain areas described as Safe Zones. However, slaying allies will result in punishments and sanctions. There will be also duels, arena fights, guild wars, faction wars and bouts for dominance over certain territories.


When’s the release?

Currently we are in early stage of pre-alpha testing, which serves us as a training ground on which we test new systems and mechanisms, fix major issues and develop the game basing on the testers. Release date will be announced when the time is right.

How can I be a tester?

Currently we are not recruiting, however we realize how much interest people have in our game, in which case, so we can show our gratitude for your support, we can offer you a way to join the group of testers.
More info at :

How can I support you?

For now the we only need financial support to purchase required licenses on essential software and to rent the game server, but apart from that we also need any media support we can get.
For more details, please contact :

Where can I find more information about Gloria Victis?

A ton of information can be found here, as well as on our blog, Facebook, IndieDB, Twitter and YouTube.
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