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MMO fan here
27-02-2016, 08:44,
MMO fan here

I own Chivalry and just finished tons of hours in the Mount and Blade: Warband game w/ the game of thrones mod. Watching some videos of the mod, Youtube recommended some of Gloria Victis. I couldn't be more pleased with the project, as it's something I've been waiting for for quite some time.

If I have any ideas I'll share them and I like to break games I'm alpha and beta testing so I'll be sure to report anything I come across.

If there's any mature 18+ guilds that play east coast US prime time, or late, please send me a PM. I prefer smaller groups that like to roam and get into pvp and use comms.

Also I read something about an NDA during my donation registration. But I also saw a request to share and tell everyone I know. Can someone let me know if I can FRAPS and upload a video to my Youtube of gameplay? I enjoyed making videos of my warhammer online and Star Wars TOR adventures.


27-02-2016, 08:51,
RE: MMO fan here
Hello & welcome to the community!

Regarding the NDA: The NDA is now lifted. You are more than welcome to upload and share any content you have of Gloria Victis.
[Image: 6c31d2b1a60faf1bfbac90a5077e9ad4.png] Ray Monty, Community Manager

GV Twitter: @GloriaVictisMMO

27-02-2016, 14:56,
RE: MMO fan here
Welcome on board =)
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Wodin: Here comes the psychopath again
28-02-2016, 08:30,
RE: MMO fan here
welcome. good to see some more chivalery players to help the devs make a good combat system XD kinda always wanted an mmo with deep combat in a madevil setting. it is very early and the game is still in alpha and combat need tweaks, but i already have seen some small turnaments going on with the devs and they improved the servers . hopefully they get enough money together for motion capture recorded animations in future

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